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Former Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez Found Not Guilty

Written by: Brett J. Pietrzak – Vice President (@BPietrzak01)

The former New England Patriot’s star tight end is currently serving a life sentence for his alleged murder of Odin Lloyd back in 2013.

Although he was acquitted of the first-degree murder charge, Hernandez was still charged with unlawful possession of a firearm stemming from an incident in 2012. In a shocking move, the jury was more inclined to believe that Alexander Bradley, not Aaron Hernandez was responsible for the murder.

All of this drama and treachery was due to a spilled drink, which severely angered Aaron Hernandez and company. Yet another twist in a truly terrible story. Close relatives of Hernandez wept upon hearing the verdict, and Hernandez himself was said to be in tears as well.

Hernandez will continue his life sentence and will continue to live the legacy of a high-paid All-Pro turned into a convicted murderer and public relations nightmare for Bob Kraft and company.

This story was first reported by ESPN.com



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