Will Tom Brady’s family dilemma affect his play in Super Bowl LI?

Written by: Jack H. Day – Staff Writer (@GrandstandDay)

Tom Brady is getting ready to play in his seventh Super Bowl in his 17th year in the NFL. Although the veteran quarterback is used to all of the Super Bowl festivities, there is something much different going on his life as he preps for the NFL’s 51st Super Bowl.

This will be the first game that Brady’s entire family is going to attend this season due to an 18-month sickness that his mother has been battling. Little boys dream about getting to the Super Bowl, and making his parents proud of him. Brady was asked what it means that both his mother and father will be attending their first game together in 2017.

“It’s been a challenging year for my family, just for personal reasons. It’ll be nice to have everyone here watching us this weekend,” Brady said. “My mom and dad have just been so supportive my entire life. It’s nice to be here to show them, just try to make them proud.”

It is a given thing that everyone wants to grow up and make his or her parents proud of their accomplishments. Followers of the Super Bowl media day know that Brady let his emotions out when a seven-year-old child asked him who is hero was.

According to CSNNE’s Tom Curran, Brady’s decision to drop his appeal for deflategate was made because of his mother’s illness.

The NFL fans are seeing something out of Brady that they are not used to, the human element. In his 17 years in the league, Brady has shocked everyone coming out of the University of Michigan. Many question whether or not number 12 is either a robot, or a goat. Whatever he may be, his mother’s sickness has proven that Tom Brady is indeed human.

That’s right, the best quarterback in NFL history, and possibly the best player in NFL history is actually just a normal guy trying to impress his parents. It is clear that Brady is an emotional guy, that wears his heart on his sleeve. Maybe that is one of the reasons for number 12s great success story in the league.

One thing is certain, Brady uses extra motivation in times of stress, so look for him to have a stellar game in front of his family for the first time this season. Not only does Brady want to put on a show in front of his parents, but it would also be a great slap in the face to Roger Goodell, the creator of the no fun league.

As if Matt Ryan and his Atlanta Falcons didn’t already have a difficult task at stopping Brady, now it looks as if he is going to have a little extra motivation. Look for Brady to put on a show this Sunday, as he is looking to get a ring for his thumb, and stamp his title as the greatest of all time.


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