Ben Brown’s NCAA Basketball picks for the week of 1/30

Written by: Ben Brown – Staff Writing Intern (@TheBigShalom)

Everyone can lose a game, not everyone can win. Last week was one of the most chaotic weeks in college basketball in recent memory. Over 10 ranked teams suffered at least one loss. In a year of unpredictability I am going to make selections for the best games of the week.

Duke vs Notre Dame (1/30/17 7 pm EST on ESPN)

Notre Dame has flown under the radar this year and beating Duke at home should put them back on the map. Duke needs a staple win, but I don’t think it’s coming Monday evening. Notre Dame takes this one.

Creighton vs Butler (1/31/17 7 pm EST on Fox Spots 1)

Creighton has really suffered after losing guard Maurice Watson earlier in the month. In a conference overshadowed by Villanova, Butler has had an excellent season with 6 wins over teams in the RPI top 50. Creighton won earlier in the season, but without Watson I don’t think they can win in Indianapolis.

Baylor vs Kansas (2/1/17 9 pm EST on ESPN 2)

The rankings might tell you otherwise, but these two teams are not on the same level. Baylor may only have one loss, but in my opinion, they haven’t proved themselves as a serious threat yet. They could really open some eyes if they went into Allen Field house and took a W, but I don’t think that is going to be the case. Jayhawks big at home.

Purdue at Maryland (2/4/17 12 pm EST on ESPN)

Maryland is currently at the top of the leaderboards in the Big 10. But I think with the help of big man Caleb Swanigan, the Boilermakers can go into terrapin country and come out with a win. This is the first meetings of the teams this year and I think it will be one to remember.

Arizona at Oregon (2/14/17 4 pm EST on ESPN)

In my opinion, this is the biggest game of the week. Arizona is finally at full strength and looking to prove themselves to be a serious champion contender. It’s rare the nation gets to see a Pac 12 game in the afternoon which adds to the exposure. Whichever team wins this will get a huge push for the rest of the season. I think Arizona takes care of business.


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