Three likely trade destinations for Timberwolves’ PG Ricky Rubio

Written by: Ronnie Vaughan – Staff Writing Intern (@AyePaisano)

Ricky Rubio’s name has been tossed around the NBA Trade Rumor Mill a lot in the last week or so.  The much under-rated point guard could make an immediate splash on teams looking to create a winning culture. 

| Dallas Mavericks

Okay, I know that this trade doesn’t look good on the Hollinger Analysis but that’s okay.  Both teams are in the basement of the NBA and definitely aren’t making a jump this year.  My thoughts on this trade are that Deron Williams will move to the bench and allow for Rubio to play with Barnes and Matthews for Dirk’s last season or two.  I think Rubio allows for the offense to flow better and allow for Barnes to find his spots.  

Rubio doesn’t require many shots and is an excellent passer.  Shabazz and Payne are players that teams are looking at along with Rubio and I don’t think they hurt this team depth wise.  In fact I think they make the Dallas bench a bit better.  Not much is really know about either player so it would make sense for the Mavs to let them feel them out to see if they struck a diamond in the rough.  Bogut is useless on this Mavs team and it sorta makes sense for him to mentor KAT a bit, right?

This does leave the Mavericks front court looking a bit weak, but players like Muhammad, Barnes and Finney-Smith can play the stretch-four when needed.  J.J Barea is a nice bench player and that would allow Dunn to get some starting PG minutes and assist in his development as a player.  Powell is on a manageable deal and is definitely a nice change of pace player compared to Gorgui Dieng at the PF position and adds depth.  Of course to make this happen, Bogut would have to waive his no-trade clause.

Wolves Starting 5: Dunn, LaVine, Wiggins, Dieng/Powell, KAT. 6th and 7th men being Bogut and Barea leading the bench with one of Dieng/Powell.

Mavs Starting 5: Rubio, Matthews, Barnes, Dirk, Mejri.  6th man being DWill to provide veteran leadership to a slew of “young talent”.  

| New York Knicks

I call this trade “Let’s give Thibs back his old players”.  This also allows the Knicks to develop pretty well. Hear me out.  First the Pekovic is by no means a scrub really, but he’s out for the season and helps the money work.  Not a bad bench guy I guess.  The idea with this trade is how great the Knicks team could look.

I mean, Rubio at point, LaVine at SG, Lance Thomas/Courtney Lee at SF, Melo at the four and Porzingis at the five.  Rubio will help keep the ball moving and allow for Zinger to get his more often than Rose is currently.  Noah is stealing minutes from Zinger at the five and I think it is detrimental to his development.

Melo plays the four better than the three, it’s simple facts.  He is a big body and has great post moves.  There is nothing worse to Knicks fan the iso Melo ball at the three-point line.  Moving him closer to the hoop just makes more sense.  Now, why would the Wolves want Rose or Noah? Well they probably don’t at all.

Wolves Starting 5: Rose, Rush, Wiggins, KAT, Noah. 6th and 7th men being Dunn and Dieng.

Knicks Starting 5: Rubio, LaVine, Thomas, Anthony, Porzingis. 6th and 7th men being Jennings and Lee/Holiday.

| Orlando Magic

Okay so playing around with these teams and based off of what I know, the Magic are not completely sold on Elfrid Payton.  Nikola Vucevic is another player’s whose name has been a popular pick to be traded.  When looking at the Magic roster and there recent picks, Aaron Gordon is lost on this team and has been playing more SF than PF.  

Meanwhile Mario Hezonja has not seen the court enough to develop. Including Ibaka in this trade allows for the Magic to develop Gordon at the four and give more minutes to Mario Hezonja who we have not seen much of this season.  Rush and Muhammad are toss ins to a tanking team that would probably not be signed the next season and I don’t see the Wolves having much use for them.

Magic Starting 5: Rubio, Fournier, Hezonja, Gordon, Biyombo.  6th and 7th men being DJ Augustin and maybe Muhammad or a big man to give Biyombo a rest.

Wolves Starting 5: Payton/Dunn, LaVine, Wiggins, Ibaka, Towns. 6th and 7th men being Dieng/Vucevic running the bench with one of Payton/Dunn.  


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