Jack Day’s NFL Wildcard weekend predictions

Written by: Jack H. Day – Staff Writer (@GrandstandDay)

| Houston Texans vs. Oakland Raiders

The fact of the matter is, the winner of this game is more than likely going to get eliminated in the divisional round. Without Derek Carr, the Raiders are just not going to be the same team, and it’s too bad because they had a chance to make a run. The Texans have the defense to make a run, but their offense is just not good enough due to the terrible play of Brock Osweiler.

Prediction: Texans 20 – Raiders 13

| Seattle Seahawks vs. Detroit Lions

This game could turn out to be one of the more interesting games in the playoffs this season. Matt Stafford has found a way to keep his Lions in just about every game this year, and has shown he knows how to come from behind and win. Seattle is a hard place to play, with one of the most solid defenses backing their offense. With Earl Thomas out, it will be interesting to see if Stafford can take advantage of a banged up Seahawk defense. This game is going to come down to the fourth quarter, a situation that Matthew Stafford is extremely comfortable dealing with. Seattle’s defense has not looked like its normal self in the last few weeks of the season, giving up 34 points to Arizona and 23 points against San Francisco.

Prediction: Lions 27 – Seahawks 24

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Miami Dolphins

The Steelers are a heavy favorite to win at home on Sunday against the Dolphins. The triple threat of Le’veon Bell, Antonio Brown, and Ben Roethlisberger is going to be a lot for the Dolphins defense to handle. If they somehow shut down one of the three, one of the others is bound to have an explosive day. With the Steelers being such heavy favorites, we have to keep in mind the last time these two teams played Jay Ajayi ran for 204 yards and two touchdowns. The Steelers are heading into the playoffs on fire, winning their last seven games. If the Dolphins are going to have any chance to win this game, they are going to have to get Ajayi the ball often.

Prediction: Steelers 31 – Dolphins 21

| Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants

If you only have time to watch one game this weekend, make sure this is the game you tune in for. The Packers are hot, and the Giants are the only team to beat the Dallas Cowboys this year. It’s Aaron Rodgers against one of the best secondaries in all of football, and let’s not forget that Odell Beckham is making his playoff debut in the frozen tundra where magic happens. This is going to be one hell of a game to watch. This may be a wild card game, but these two teams have a good chance at making it to the Super Bowl. It’s scheduled to be a cold one in Lambeau Sunday, and Manning has never had great success in the cold. Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers will be ready to play in the frozen tundra.

Prediction: Packers 24 – Giants 20


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