Three former all-star MLB free agents are still on the market

Written by: Brett J. Pietrzak – Vice President (@BPietrzak01)

| Jose Bautista- Outfield

The former Blue Jays slugger has waited patiently as other expensive free agents collected huge paychecks. Edwin Encarnacion, Matt Holiday, and Carlos Beltran were all able to find a new home. These names are important, because Jose Bautista is looking to fill a very similar team role: a homerun threat whose average will most likely fluctuate between .250 and .275. Bautista’s original asking price last February was said to be in the five-year $150M range, but Jose fell back to reality and is now in search of a one-year deal.

The Philadelphia Phillies are the apparent front-runner for Bautista, as they are desperately looking for another outfield bat to pair with young center fielder Odubel Herrera. One things for certain though, the power arm and power bat are something all teams could use, for the right price. Over the past five seasons, Bautista has hit at least 22 big flies.

| Matt Wieters- Catcher

The former top-prospect of the Baltimore Orioles is finally getting to test the free agent waters in 2017. Wieters, the former 5th overall pick, was able to hit .256 in eight seasons with the Orioles. He was also selected to the American League All-Star team in four of his eight seasons.

Wieters took home two Rawling’s Gold Glove awards in 2011 and 2012, and is still regarded as an above-average defender. While he may have not lived up to his lofty expectations, Wieters still provided an offensive spark from both sides of the batter’s box. The Blue Jays, Nationals, and Yankees have all shown interest in the 30 year old backstop.

| Mark Trumbo- Outfield/Designated Hitter

The one-time breakout outfielder of the Los Angeles Angels turned journeyman found his home at Camden Yards in 2016. Coming off of a career year in which he slugged an American-League best 47 homeruns, Trumbo has been seeking a long-term deal.

The Orioles reported offered Trumbo a four-year deal in the range of $52M, but Trumbo declined. Although reluctant to pay Trumbo that type of money now, the Orioles showed by signing Chris Davis late in free agency last year, that they will negotiate to the best of their abilities.

Trumbo looks to be most valuable in the American League, as he is rated a below average outfielder. The Rockies and Orioles are the two teams most likely to sign Trumbo, but their are many other unnamed teams that are rumored to be joining the race.



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