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Kyle Dillard’s daily fantasy NBA basketball picks for DraftKings and FanDuel – Christmas Day

Written by: Kyle Dillard – Intern Staff Writer (@TheGrandstandKD)

| Point Guard

Kyrie Irving – Cleveland Cavaliers/Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors

Call me crazy, but these are your two safest, and best picks, for NBA Christmas Day. Respective to their position that is. Kyrie and Steph have no reason to cool off, and when it’s a Christmas atmosphere, presents come in the presence of two of the NBA’s best shooters. You get a three pointer, you get a three pointer, it’ll be like Oprah sitting court-side directing the show for each guard. Look for 50+ from each guard. Stack em up, and roll out your lines with confidence.

| Shooting Guard

Jimmy Butler/Dwayne Wade – Chicago Bulls

Looks like DraftKings really underestimated the Chicago Bulls in this matchup, it’s really hard to ignore two of the best players in the NBA $7.7K and $6.2K…. let that sink in, Dwayne Wade is priced at $6.2k. If he doesn’t hit 6-8x value I may shed tears because I’m going all in on him. And I may double down on the Bulls in this one because I think Jimmy Buckets will provide some Christmas magic and surpass expectations and his crummy salary.

Zach Lavine – Minnesota Timberwolves

Playing against the OKC Thunder, and on a tear lately, I don’t see Mr. Lavine slowing down in prime time. The Minnesota Timberwolves aren’t a team to sleep on in this matchup, and with Oladipo being injured and potentially limited, I like Lavine abusing the backups. He’s too athletic and rolling with too much offensive confidence to slow down. Perhaps playing against the walking triple-double will motivate him even more.

| Small Forward

Carmelo Anthony – New York Knicks

Perhaps the most contrarian SF pick on the slate, Melo will ball. Keyword, will. As the year closes in on the mid-season All-Star break, Carmelo Anthony seems to be playing with a sense of urgency. I think the entire team is, honestly. With his confidence rising, Derrick rose is distributing the ball and taking attention from the SF as well as KPGod. With the lesser pressure to carry the team statistically, ironically, I’ve observed a mellow minded Carmelo yields in games like we saw about a week ago. In Denver, on teams that never missed the playoffs, Carmelo Anthony always was in consideration for the scoring title. And if you’ve been watching the Knicks, even their highlights, this Melo we’re seeing right now is like those Christmas Past. MELO is likely to leave you the best of gifts, and that’s a tournament win.

Andre Iguodala – Golden State Warriors

Disclaimer, this is a picked based in my perception of AI going nuts, but like AI nuts. When the Warriors play the Cavaliers, I’ve noticed Andre Iguodala gets heavy court time. Steve Kerr could start Iggy literally any day and move KD and Draymond to the 4 & 5. So, any game I see the Warriors Consider as big, I consider Andre Iguodala to be in play. When he’s on the court he’s efficient, especially for being such a longstanding veteran in the league. At $3.4k, his Value salary will allow for a safer roster construction. Just a reminder, it only takes this pick 34 fpts to his 10x value. That’s it, so, 6-8x value isn’t too overzealous to expect from Old Man Iguodala.

| Power Forward

Domantis Sabonis – Oklahoma City Thunder

Something about this Rookie has me excited about rostering him today. Maybe it’s because even if the whole team’s healthy, he plays about 20 mins, or maybe it’s his ability to do a little bit of everything on the floor. I think due to his size he’s considered a power forward; however, his skill set is more of that of a small forward. Usually facing the basket and playing out on the perimeter. As far as price go, he’s minimum priced, and he averages just about 5X Value. I know it’s not much, but on Christmas weird things happen, like stars getting some rest in matchups that matter oh so much and rookies getting experience against opposing conference top caliber teams. I think Sabonis is safe today.

Amir Johnson – Boston Celtics

Another value pick, at $3,100, against a Knicks who’s not the best at defense, it’s looking like a safe one. The theme of the Day will be to find safe Value at the weakest positions to roster the stars in the best spot….oh wait, that’s how you win DFS tournaments and cash nightly. numbers wise it’s kind’ve like the Sabonis breakdown, except this big man is a back to the basket PF/C who is playing against a divisional rival. Al Horford can’t do it all, Kristaps and Carmelo will wear him out down low alone. Amir Johnson will need to show up in order for the Celtics to win,

| Center

Karl-Anthony Towns – Minnesota Timberwolves

KAT is my projected highest scoring Center also carrying one of the best Value Ratings on the slate as well. At $8,300, the young center with skills beyond his years and his position will have an opportunity to abuse a terrible low post defense team. There’s no secret, the Thunder will try to outscore you before they defend you. Especially when Enes Kanter is on the floor. For Kanter it’s either a block or a foul….or an easy layup because he doesn’t recognize the personal being thrown at him. Steven Adams is a little more cautious on defense; However, I’m predicting KAT is going steal the show from Russ and his triple-double riddled season. I’ve got Karl-Anthony Towns going for 55 fpts tomorrow, and I stand by that by saying I’ll be going 100% on KAT.


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