Ranking the top 10 2017 NBA Draft prospects

Written by: Ben Brown – Staff Writing Intern (@TheBigShalom)

| 1 – Josh Jackson 6’8 SG/SF  (Kansas) NBA Comparison: Kawhi Leonard

Jackson is an athletic freak. He can shoot and get back on defense. He will need to improve his passing and ball handling ability.

| 2 – Lonzo Ball 6’6 PG (UCLA) NBA Comparison: Jason Kidd

Ball has amazing court vision and is an outstanding playmaker with good size for a point guard. He has an unorthodox shot that needs to be fixed.

| 3 – Markell Fultz 6’4 PG (Washinton) NBA Comparison: D’Angelo Russell

Fultz very quick first step that can open up the entire defense. He will be an elite player when he becomes a more consistent shooter.

| 4 – Lauri Markkanen 7’0 PF (Arizona) NBA Comparison: Nikola Mirotic

Markkanen is the big man the NBA is looking for. A 4/5 that can play inside and out. He has an average wingspan that can hurt him on the glass.

| 5 – Dennis Smith 6’2 PG (NC State) NBA Comparison: Chris Paul

Smith is very aggressive driving to the hoop and can play above the rim. He desperately needs to develop an outside shot.

| 6 – De’Aaron Fox 6’3 PG (Kentucky) NBA Comparison: Dennis Schroeder

Fox has explosive speed and can get to the rim at will. If he can develop a jump shot and bulk up, he can see success at the next level.

| 7 – Harry Giles 6’10 PF (Duke) NBA Comparison: Derrick Favors

Giles hasn’t played much at the college level because he has been dealing with knee issues. If he can stay healthy, he has tremendous potential.

| 8 – Jonathan Issac 6’10 SF/PF (Florida State) NBA Comparison: Rashard Lewis

Issac has the size of a big man, but the skills of a guard. He will get eaten alive in the post if he doesn’t bulk up between now and his NBA debut.

| 9 – Ivan Rabb 6’10 PF (California) NBA Comparison: Chris Bosh

Rabb can put on a clinic in the paint. He can clear the lane or use his effective baby left hook. He has relied a lot on being taller than other players which is why he returned to college for his sophomore year.

| 10 – Jaysun Tatum 6’8 SF (Duke) NBA Comparison: Danny Granger

Tatum is an excellent fit for a team that runs a half-court offense. He is good at shooing over defenders from the wing and can also work inside against guards. He is fundamentally sound, but lacks an explosive first step.


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