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Fantasy Basketball: Daily Fantasy NBA Picks for DraftKings and FanDuel – 11.26.16

Written by: Kyle Dillard – Staff Writing Intern (@TheGrandstandKD)

| Point Guards

Steph Curry

My favorite pick every night besides Carmelo Anthony, a $9,000 Steph Curry is just a risk I’m always willing to take. With Russell Westbrook on the slate, and John wall, I think Curry Flies under radar and really should be where you start your lineup. I’ll mention other Warriors later in this article, but just know that Draymond Green, even if he does play, will be looking to distribute and get everyone else shots. The Timberwolves aren’t what I’d call stellar on defense either, so don’t be upset when curry hits 11 threes tonight and you get caught chasing Russell Westbrook… unless you can fit Russ and Steph in the same lineup then good luck with that too!

Kemba Walker

It almost feels like game two of an Eastern Conference Playoff series with this matchup. Kemba won’t be taking the punch in the mouth from Carmelo in OT very well and with the injury to Nic Batum, and Marvin Williams being out tonight, Kemba Walker might just be going nuts. His Usage will obviously rise, and I hope fatigue isn’t an issue, but even if it is, I think he’ll do enough to keep pace with the Knicks clicking offense.

Also Consider: Andrew Harrison

| Shooting Guards

Klay Thompson

I know there’s three Warriors in this writeup, but with Dray hurt, and Klay heating up, he’s gotta be picked. He’s the forgotten son, the other guy, but at the end of the day, he’s a great shooting guard playing on a great team looking to get him shots as often as possible. Splash Brothers are splashing tonight with their new friend KD.

Also Consider: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Jonathon Simmons

| Small Forwards

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony reminded everyone why he’s a franchise player last night and also hit a shot that made him the most successful player with he ball in his hands with less than five seconds remaining in a game. His price is also decreased after scoring 68 fantasy points last night.  Only costing $7,300 tonight, he’s safe for 40-50. They’ll need all the Carmelo they can get to get this pivotal win tonight. Also, Phil Jackson has coach teams centered around one player successfully molding the others around that player his entire career… although, not the coach, if more production from Melo is their best offense, I doubt Jeff Hornacek is going to be directed to get less Melo. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my top play of the night.

Kevin Durant

With KD keeping up his usage in GSW, and Draymond questionable with an ankle injury that could possibly sideline him, I think KD will simply have to be on the floor all night. When KD is on the floor all night, KD Produces. Don’t overlook KD tonight, KD is not nice.

Also Consider: James Johnson

| Power Forwards

Kristaps Porzingis

PGod and Carmelo look to keep rolling tonight against a really competitive Charlotte Hornets team. I just like the way everything is looking in New York right now, and instead of picking multiple value plays to fit in Russ, I feel a balanced mid-tier priced roster is the best way to go.

Jon Leuer

Jon Leuer, for some strange reason, seems to keep a depressed price. He can score 30+ fantasy points for two weeks straight and not break $5,000. This season, Leuer is getting great minutes and plays against a team who gives up a lot of shots to well shooting PFs. Alongside Andre Drummond, he also seems to hit the boards better and that inside out threat for any good team will lead to more shots for Leuer in a high paced game.  I’d roll with Leuer as my discount PF tonight. A great pivot from the more Popular Frank Kaminsky (whom isn’t a terrible pick either).

Also Consider: Frank Kaminsky (with the recent news of Williams being out, Kaminsky becomes an elite play. Usually I don’t put reasoning behind my other options; However, this one is worth a look)

| Center

Andre Drummond

The theme of the day at the center position is pick the cheapest stud with the highest upside… oh wait, that’s the idea of NBA DFS in a nutshell. Well, Andre Drummond will get a great matchup against a Thunder team that lacks real dominance on the boards. With his athleticism and opposition, Drummond going for 50+ would be my prediction for the big man from Detroit.


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