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NFL: Daily Fantasy Football Picks for DraftKings and FanDuel – Week 11

Written by: Phillip Beneteau – Staff Writing Intern (@Fantasyphilled)

There are plenty of great plays this week that are simply making lineups an unbelievable feeling right now! There is value all over the board, so it will be all about where you want to pay up! The three games with the highest Vegas totals for the week are the Tennessee Titans at the Indianapolis Colts, the New England Patriots at the San Francisco 49ers, and theSunday Night Football game of the Green Bay Packers at the Washington Redskins. The only spread that is more than three in either of these three games is the Patriots who are favoured by 11.5 points. I am loading up on plenty of these players from these teams, minus the San Francisco 49ers. On these Sunday slates I love having at least one player from the Sunday Night game that you can target to give yourself a fighting chance to win some money. That should be no problem with such a great matchup for both teams!

Andrew Luck (QB) – DraftKings: $7,200, FanDuel: $8,100 – Indianapolis Colts

Luck is playing in one of my favourite games this weekend with one of the highest totals. He has a great floor as he has gone for under 18 DraftKings points in just two games this season, and one of those games were against the Denver Broncos. The Titans are ranked 23rd against the QB this season and Luck put up 30.82 DraftKings points just four week ago in Tennessee. Roll him with confidence and I love stacking him with either T.Y Hilton and/or Donte Moncrief.

Kirk Cousins (QB) – DraftKings: $5,800, FanDuel: $7,600 – Washington Redskins

Cousins will be my most heavily owned QB this week. He has 30+ point potential and in a matchup where he is getting DeSean Jackson back, and in a game that has one of the highest Vegas totals, he is an absolute slam dunk for me! Similar to Luck, he has gone under 18 DraftKings points in just two games this season, and I see him being the perfect mix of price and upside play at QB.

Blake Bortles (QB) – DraftKings: $5,400, FanDuel: $7,200 – Jacksonville Jaguars

I don’t personally think I would actually play him in anything but maybe around 5% exposure if you are doing lots of teams simply to pivot off the top plays of the week in a GPP. Bortles is just not a good QB, and this is why I regret taking so much Jay Cutler last week, because in the end, a matchup can be gold, but if you’re just not good, it will make you sick to watch. Bortles does have favourable splits being a 6.5 underdog and he is the absolute king of garbage time. If you are absolutely desperate or are trying to be super contrarian, Bortles at the Detroit Lions isn’t actually as bad as you could do.

Le’Veon Bell (RB) – DraftKings: $8,800, FanDuel: $9,100 – Pittsburgh Steelers

If you are going to play a top running back this week I believe it needs to be Bell. While I have no doubt that Ben Roethelisberger could have a big game, Bell to me is the better play if you are going either RB or QB stack. Bell actually has better road splits simply because Roethlisberger is not as good on the road, which makes him a great play to at least add four or five catches. Bell has one of the most upsides on any given slate, and in a matchup against the Cleveland Browns, you will want some sort of exposure to the Steelers.

LeGarette Blount (RB) – DraftKings: $6,400, FanDuel: FanDuel: $7,300 – New England Patriots

I believe Blount will be a very highly owned player this week after a great Sunday Night game and with such a big spread against the 49ers. With that being said, I would save his exposure mainly for cash games. Blount should be able to get over that 3x price rating which is the line for cash games that you are at least looking for. I don’t see him getting three touchdowns again, but with Rob Gronkowski out, there may be a couple more runs inside the red zone.

C.J. Prosise (RB) – DraftKings: $4,200, FanDuel: $4,900 – Seattle Seahawks

I have no doubt in my mind that Prosise will be the highest owned RB under $5,000. He will get a chance at the starting job with the release of Christine Michael. Thomas Rawls is back in the lineup since week 2, but he should not get over 10 touches as he is coming off an injury. I expect Prosise to get from 18-24 touches against an Eagles team that is allowing over 100 yards, per game, on the ground this season. Prosise was a WR in university but has transitioned to RB, which makes him a lock to catch about four or five passes as well.

Isiah Crowell (RB) – DraftKings: $3,900, FanDuel: $6,200 – Cleveland Browns

While I like Crowell alot more of a GPP play, his services are definitely best on DraftKings. He has yet to top 20 touches in any game this season, but a home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have not been good on defense, is great in my books. In their last four games, the Steelers defense has allowed at least 127 rushing yards three times. Crowell has not shown the breakaway tendencies like he did early on in the season, but this may be the time he can break one free and get 3x value on just one play!

Theo Riddick (RB) – DraftKings: $5,100, FanDuel: $6,700 – Detroit Lions

Another play that is much more structured to the PPR approach on DraftKings, but also because of his price. Riddick has primarily been known for his pass catching abilities, but it looks like the Detroit Lions are trusting him to be their leading rusher too. Riddick gets a dream matchup against a Jacksonville Jaguars team that has one of the worst rush defenses in the league. Lock and load!

Antonio Brown (WR) – DraftKings: $9,500, FanDuel: $8,900 – Pittsburgh Steelers

While I love Antonio Brown in fantasy and in real life, something is scaring me off owning him in more leagues. The heavily road favourite concerns me as a blow potential and Ben Roethelisbergers production dips on the road as well. I will say that I will still own lots of Brown, but his ownership may be too high to comfortably own him in GPPs with his potential downside.


T.Y. Hilton (WR) – DraftKings: $7,700, FanDuel: $7,900 – Indianapolis Colts

Hilton will be one of my highest owned Wrs this week in a matchup at home against the Titans. Hilton put up a massive stat line a couple weeks ago against the Titans on the road, and now at home, where the Colts thrive on offence, Hilton gets the nod for me. He has 5x upside even with a high price of almost $8,000 as he can take one to the house at any time, and if this game can stay close, like it is predicted to, Hilton will thrive. If you are looking to get exposure to this WR corps and want to avoid the highly owned Hilton, Donte Moncrief makes a great pivot.

Allen Robinson (WR) – DraftKings: $7,400, FanDuel: $7,300 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Over the last three weeks, Robinson has accumulated 45 targets and has caught 22 of those for 253 yards and two touchdowns. Robinson now will face the Lions who are awful against the pass and should be playing from behind, because they are the Jaguars and don’t know how to ever lead a game.

Tyreek Hill (WR) – DraftKings: $4,500, FanDuel; $5,400 – Kansas City Chiefs

I will admit, I completely missed the boat on Hill last week. With Jeremy Maclin out, I completely just avoided that offense. With Maclin out again this week, I will not be doing the same miskake I did a week ago. Hill is locked and loaded against a Bucanneers team that is allowing 267.7 passing yards per game this season. Hill received 13 targets, converting that in to 10 catches for 89 yards, adding a rush for 12 yards. An amazing value WR for your teams!

Tyler Lockett (WR) – DraftKings: $3,600, FanDuel: $5,000 – Seattle Seahawks

Lockett has just been waiting to breakout this year. With Doug Baldwin scoring three times last week, I expect alot of people to gravitate towards him this week. With that said Lockett makes of my favourite low ownership, value plays this week. If and when takes one to the house this week, Lockett will skyrocket your teams to success! Time to jump on the train before everyone sees his potential!

Jordan Reed (TE) – DraftKings: $5,900, FanDuel: $6,900 – Washington Redskins

My one and only hope this week is that people are box score watching and saw that Reed only had two catches, on four targets, for 41 yards. If so, his ownership will not be where it should be. Reed is by far my favourite TE that I will be paying up for this week. A Cousins and Reed stack has me feeling like I like that…you like that?!

Eric Ebron (TE) – DraftKings: $4,100, FanDuel: $5,400 – Detroit Lions

For starters, the Jaguars are one of the worst teams against the Te this year. While I could see people going a little lower and grabbing Martellus Bennett or even Zach Miller, Ebron may be the best pivot in this section, for ownership. Ebron has turned 18 targets into 14 catches for 171 yards over the past two weeks. If Ebron can find paydirt, he will be the best value here.

Miami Dolphins DEF – DraftKings: $2,900, FanDuel: $4,800

I was on the Dolphins defense last week, and they payed handsome dividends. This week the Dolphins travel to Los Angeles to play Jared Geoff and the Rams. It will be Geoff’s first start, and I’m expecting a lackluster game. The Dolphins should use plenty of Jay Ajayi and run this clock down. I don’t expect this game to provide much fantasy love, leading me to roster the Miami Dolphins and hope for a couple turnovers!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments tweet me @fantasyphilled!


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