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Daily Fantasy NBA Basketball Picks for DraftKings and FanDuel – 11.18.16

Written by: Kyle Dillard – Staff Writing Intern (@TheGrandstandKD)

Ten game slate, it’s Friday, let’s have some fun and get things started off right with an overall view of today’s NBA slate.

| Atlanta Hawks @ Charlotte Hornets

The Atlanta Hawks have hands down displayed they are legitimate and can win with one of the deepest rosters in the NBA. With seven of its next eight games on the road, Atlanta must start strong. In this Southeast Division matchup, The Hornets will be bringing the heat to the Hawks. Kemba Walker has been the go to guy, and I like him again here tonight. As well as Nic Batum. For the Hawks, if D-Howard is still out, you must capitalize on the Mike Muscala value play. Also, watch out for injury news for the Charlotte Hornets. They may have to rely on a lot of their starters in this one. Frank Kaminsky, If Howard is out, and Hibbert is still limited, makes for the safest big man play outside of Marvin Williams.

| Phoenix Suns @ Indiana Pacers

Winning two in a row for the first time this year, the Indiana Pacers look to continue their strong outings against the 3-9 Phoenix Suns. At home this season, the Indiana Pacers are an impressive 6-1. Defense won’t be in existence in this game and I think that bodes well for the explosive Devin Booker. He’s Averaging 20.5 PPG despite a very slow start to his season. Also, consider Brandon Knight and TJ Warren.

For the Pacers, Jeff Teague will be a sneaky pick. PG3, who’s burned us all before, may be the move tonight. CJ miles is also a solid pick as well. And then we get to Myles Turner. He’s improved exponentially since getting his chance to play last season, and is finding his stride this year again. He’s on my radar.

Last thing, Tyson chandler has been ruled out, so look for Alex Len and Pj Tucker, as well as Marquise Chriss to get more value.

| Detroit Pistons @ Cleveland Cavilers

These teams have history, as recent as last year’s playoffs, it was a war. Despite a Cleveland Sweep, The Pistons did not lay down. It was perhaps one of the most physical matchup’s I had seen in my life. I think Lebron is a stud in this matchup. He’s the type to dominate teams that put up heavy talk. Coming off of a day of rest, Lebron.IS.MY.Guy. he’s still the NBA’s best player, I’m sorry if you don’t agree but he is. Coach Lue wants to increase the Cavs pace and have Lebron playing more of a point forward role. Sorry Kyrie, but Lebron is going to dominate tonight, and I’d be wary of taking anyone except James, JR Smith, Kevin Love.  On the Pistons side of the ball, I think KCPope rises to the occasion as much as possible, as well as Andre Drummond. Ish Smith could be considered a value, but I’m not sold. Despite all this Cavalier Talk, I like Jon Leuer as my pistons pick of the day. I love Jon Leuers game. He’s a Grind it out big man, who has a subdued Dirk Nowitzki game. Which is why if he’s hitting the Boards, and gets his normal allotment of shots, he’ll lock down your tournament lineups.

| Golden State Warriors @ Boston Celtics

Total: 226.0

The Golden State Warriors heading to TD Garden Tonight to play a very strong Celtics team Coached by the Ever-Impressing Brad Stevens. Despite the Warriors rolling on a 5 Game winning streak, in which Stephen Curry in averaging 33.6 PPG in that span, I think the Celtics bring the heat.

The Storyline here is deeper than you’d think. Boston rolled out the red carpet for KD this summer to Sign him. The atmosphere will be playoff like, and the Boston native will show up to make this game my Game of the Night to Target.

Isaiah Thomas, though struggling in his last time out in the first half, poured in 20 points in the second half to eclipse 23 points in every contest thus far. He and Avery Bradley must carry their Celtics against the Super team that is the GSW. Durant Curry and Thompson are my guys to target for GSW, and like I said Bradley and Thomas for the Celtics. Pay up for stars in this one.

| Portland Trailblazers @ New Orleans Pelicans

Dame lillard has been classic Dame, as well as CJ McCollum. They are arguably the NBA’s second best back court, and against the struggling New Orleans Pelicans, they are in play. Despite this, they are struggling this season thus far.  I know Davis is dealing with injury for NO, and I’m Fading him. I just can’t have that risk in my lineup on such a large slate. He’s Questionable with hopes of playing, but I like plugging in Jones one more time. As well as E’twan Moore. He’s been phenomenal for his role.

| Brooklyn Nets @ OKC Thunder

The Nets and the thunder square off tonight in what I call the Westbrook Showcase. I hope you don’t overlook Westbrook and Oladipo Tonight. They’re playing well against a bad team and they play a lot of minutes and get high usage.  It’s wrong to call the Nets bad, but until they get back J Lin, they’re just bad to me.  Look for your value in the Brooklyn lineup however. This one will be an interesting game, but ultimately the thunder win by alot.

| Memphis Grizzlies @ Dallas Mavericks

With Dirk and Deron Williams out for a few more games, and the Grizzlies playing well after that win against LA in OT, I like Marc Gasol tonight. Also Mr. Seth curry will get some play tonight. I pick curry so often when he can get minutes. He is in fact a Curry and shoots well like a Curry. He’s the best bench player for the Mavericks and he’s locked in for me. Also for the Grizzlies, check their injury news, ill update them as it comes tonight. James ennis usually makes for a good play. All in all, you can’t overlook JJ Barea either, if he plays. Oh, and that guy Harrison Barnes, pick him. He’s still really good.

| Toronto Raptors @ Denver Nuggets

The Raptors Visit the Nuggets tonight in a game that sparks my interest. The Nuggets are figuring out their lineup, and the Manimal Kenneth Faried is taking the reins as a team leader. Mike Malone has realized quickly that for the Nuggets to win, Faried must play. Underpriced, and overlooked, roll with Faried as a top Point per dollar play. Wilson Chandler is also very efficient the for the Denver Nuggets and I look to get some of him in my lineups tonight if possible.

And now to talk about DeMar DeRozan. This guy has no quit. He’s been amazing this year scoring 30+ in all but one contest this season, and now his Backcourt teammate is slowly catching on, Firing up 29 points in their last matchup. For some strange reason, these two players still go severely under owned, and I believe this is where you’ll be able to variate tonight. I worry about Valanciunas against the Huge Nuggets front court, so proceed with caution. Stick with guards and small forwards from the Raptors in this matchup

| San Antonio Spurs @ L.A. Lakers

Vegas: SA – 6.5   Total: 208.0

The Luke Walton Effect has the LA Lakers 7-5. Despite their upcoming matchup with the San Antonio Spurs, I LOVE BASKETBALL, shocks the NBA world and the Lakers I believe pull this one out. Vegas doesn’t agree with me; However, I don’t See the Lakers get stifled at home by the spurs. The Spurs aren’t unbeatable, and not the dominate team of last year. While still very good, I just Like D’angelo Russel and Julius Randle to carry the Lake show to 8-5. For the Spurs, check the injury report because things change with their lineup nightly. Coach Pop is a master rotational manager and always puts his best team forward. If there is value on the spurs, take it. On this ten Game Slate you’re going to need it. My value pick for the lakers is Swaggy P himself.

| L.A.  Clippers @ Sacramento Kings

The Clippers are good. Good. Like, best in the West good. Coming from an overtime loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, they are ready to get back to their dominating ways. It’s Hard to overlook CP3 and Blake Griffin any night they are on the court. Also, if JJ Reddick stays on fire from 3-point range, he could pay dividends in your lineup. I worry about the blowout potential in this game. Cousins has been playing OK, but his Salary on both sites is way too low now to take that risk. Also, Rudy Gay is playing very well, while being a fraction of the cost of most of the small forwards on the board.


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