NCAA College Football Week 12 Playoff Rankings

Written by: Tre LyDay – Staff Writer (@trelyday03)

We had our first real shakeup of the college football playoffs this year with Clemson, Washington and Michigan all taking their first loss of the season. The AP poll still favors Clemson and Michigan keeping them both in the top five. I on the other hand am not the most gracious person. Clemson reminds me too much of the 2014 Florida State team. So many close calls, weaker schedule, and just in my opinion not a top four team, and we all saw it when they got handled by Oregon in the semi-final. Here’s my top five heading into week three of the playoff rankings.

#5: Oklahoma

Slowly, but surely Oklahoma has done their job, and crept their way up the rankings. A loss to Houston on opening day, and a thumping by Ohio State our their only losses of the season, but since the Ohio State loss they’ve played outstanding football. The only thing going against them is that they reside in the Big 12, and as I’ve said for the last couple years. The Big 12 is screwed until they get a conference title game. Luckily they’ll get one next year, unfortunately Oklahoma wants to get in this year. To do that they’ll need some help especially with the teams ahead of them controlling their own destiny.

#4: Wisconsin

A whole pack of badgers make their way into the top four, and this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. The committee was wise to not plummet them down the rankings when they first came out. Wisconsin controls their own destiny. They win out, and they’re in. Their only two losses are to Ohio State and Michigan. I’d say those are good losses if there is such a thing. Wisconsin is almost a lock to get into their conference title game, and they’re just waiting for their opponent. As I said they control their own destiny, and I wouldn’t bet against them.

#3: Louisville

Bobby Petrino is showing us what the Atlanta Falcons were supposed to look like had Mike Vick not been arrested. Well now he has Mike Vick 2.0 in Lamar Jackson, and this offense looks impossible to hold down for a full 60 minutes. Boston College held them down for about 45 minutes, but the final 15 was all Louisville. They took a really took a tough loss to Clemson on the road, but that’s their only hiccup. I for one maintained that Louisville was the better team, but couldn’t put them in the top five, because Clemson hadn’t lost until Saturday. Now it’s time for Louisville to shine once again.


#2: Ohio State

Ohio State has been one of the best teams all season, they just hit a roadblock in Happy Valley. They beat Wisconsin, and they’re a top five team in my opinion. Their offensive line has seemed to find its groove, and have done a much better job protecting J.T. Barrett. They have two games left, and they’re tough ones. Michigan State in East Lansing, and then “The Game” in Columbus. Michigan State is 100% a trap game, and they need to be careful or they could get caught looking ahead, and derail their playoff hopes before they even get to the Michigan game.

#1: Alabama

Once again I don’t need to justify this we all know they’re the best team in the country. I’m going to use this to say something about my Georgia Bulldogs. Nick Saban should buy Kirby Smart dinner for beating Auburn this week, because Auburn was the only thing standing in the way of another SEC title for Alabama. With UGA beating Auburn though, Alabama clinched the west and essentially clinched the SEC, and a playoff spot.


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