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Daily Fantasy NBA Basketball Picks for DraftKings & FanDuel – Veteran’s Day

Written by: Kyle Dillard – Staff Writing Intern(@TheGrandstandKD)

| Point Guard

Chris Paul – L.A. Clippers

CP3 is Killing it. KILLING IT. The Clippers are panning out to be the best team in the west at the moment, and It’s all been led by arguably the best point Guard in the league. At $8.9k on Draft Kings, he’s going to be the best pick on the board from the Point guard position. With a matchup against the OKC Thunder, the game will be close and CP3 will hit 50+ tonight. Mark my words.

Marcus Smart- Boston Celtics

With Jae Crowder continually sidelined, Marcus Smart is seeing a hefty usage increase. Playing against the New York Knicks tonight, look for smart to shine in many positions in this rivalry matchup. His versatility makes him a shoe in to receive extra minutes when Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley need rest.

Also Consider- Ish Smith – Detroit Pistons

| Shooting Guard

Avery Bradley – Boston Celtics

Avery Bradley has been VERY impressive these past 5 outings. He’s becoming ta go to player, draining 3’s, and has 3 Double-Doubles in the last 5 games. Rivalry games bring the best out of players, and Courtney Lee is the best defender for the Knicks and I look for a lot out of this guy. Potentially a chalky play, he may be necessary to keep up with the top lineups in tournaments and cash.

DeMar DeRozan- Toronto Raptors

This guy DeMar Derozan is incredibly hot right now. Like, He’s scoring like Jordan. And by Jordan, I mean the GOAT himself Michael Jordan. Not much to say here, except with the big names on the board, DeRozan actually looks like a value due to his projected totals. I look for him to take it to the strong Hornets. Also, with the injuries scattered through the frontcourt, DeMar DeRozan will be required to produce to get a win for the Raptors from Canada.

Also Consider- Marcus Thornton- Washington Wizards

| Small Forward

Carmelo Anthony- New York Knicks

Look, Carmelo Anthony still has yet to hit his stride. One of best scorers and offensive rebounders in the game, he still is worth a roster when priced in the middle tier. The Knicks are also beginning to depend more on Porzingis and Melo to score, and the offense is starting to come together. Although I have Marcus Smart listed as a play, I look for Carmelo to thrive with the absence of Jae Crowder. Jaylen Brown, a rookie for the Celtics, will most likely have the challenge of guarding Anthony. Bully season is here, ladies and gentlemen

Robert Covington- Philadelphia 76ers

Playing one of the worst defenses against Small forwards in the NBA, Covington is a great Value option for tonight’s slate. He struggled early; However, lately he’s been heating up. A player that contributes in categories than points, Covington is explosive and in a great spot tonight.

Also Consider- Lebron James- Cleveland Cavaliers / Otto Porter – Washington Wizards

| Power Forward

Blake Griffin- L.A. Clippers

Playing a team who lacks in defense against power forwards, a fully healthy Blake Griffin is ready to continue to Clippers dominate start to the season. Averaging Nearly 1.34 Fpts a min, He’s a must play tonight. A stack with Carmelo, Blake, and Chris Paul may be necessary to win tonight. Lob City is back, and Blake Griffin is lobbing and dunking and blocking and stealing and just being the player that he was expected to be. He’s also already Compiled 6 Double-Doubles thus far. Stats don’t lie, lock in Blake.

Derrick Favors- Utah Jazz

One thing a lot of DFS players do is overly consider defense vs position when it has a negative disposition. When its green, they run with it, but when its red people tend to fade away from the pick. Well, let’s be contrarian and role with the veteran Derrick Favors. He’s becoming more viable with Gordon Heyward back in the lineup, and can score and rebound more in the flow of the game. Also, Recency bias tells us that he had a bad game or two in his previous matchups which burned a lot of lineups. The result a sub $6k salary, and a EXCELLENT MIDDLE TIER PLAY. These are the risks you take to win tournaments. If you can get Blake and Favors, do it. Don’t force things though, be mindful that sometimes you can fit all of your picks in the same lineup and that’s when your lineup becomes variated.

Also Consider- Kristaps Porzingis – New York Knicks


Joel Embiid- 76ers

TRUST THE PROCESS. There’s no denying it, Joel Embiid is quickly showing the NBA why he is the man. Literally, he could be one of the best centers to play in the NBA if he can continue into a healthy role. Embiid does it all, and his team will need everything he’s got while trying to pull together another win. If you need proof of his ability, Google his block on Lebron. He out played the Cavs, and if he can out play them, then he can out play anyone.

Also Consider- Joakim Noah- New York Knicks / Kevin Love – Cleveland Cavaliers


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