College Football Week 11 Playoff Rankings

Written by: Tre LyDay – Staff Writer (@trelyday03)

Week two of the college football rankings will release on Tuesday night, and I’m totally scrapping my rankings from last week. Obviously the committee is going to have fun toying with our emotions this year, so it looks like I’m going to have to expand my criteria for this week’s top five. Wisconsin will not be in the top five this week, but they’re back in the driver’s seat after Nebraska got abused last Saturday. We are one step closer to a Michigan, Wisconsin matchup.

| University of Washington

Last week I had them in the top five, but the committee proved to me that I was dead wrong, and with good reason. Washington, though they are a really good team, have yet to really convince us. They did beat a really good Utah team, and that sneaky tough game I said they had against Cal turned out to be a thorough dissection of their defense. They get USC this week, and it could be a trap game (of course I said that last week), but the way this is shaping up they might have to run the table and win the conference title to get in.

| The Ohio State University

They just totally abused Nebraska at home last Saturday, and maybe, just maybe they’ve got their offense back to the way it should be. This is what I meant by the committee toying with our emotions every week. Ohio State only has one chance to get in, and that’s beat Michigan, and then win the conference championship game. For now though they are the fourth best team in the country. Any slip up though pre-Michigan will just about cost them any shot at the playoffs.

| Clemson University

Clemson is staying the course. Undefeated, and hitting their stride at the right time. Deshaun Watson had to leave their latest game with a shoulder injury, but it seems that he should be ready to go this Saturday against Pitt. The ACC title game is the most likely slip up they could have. Their remaining schedule is against Pitt, @ Wake Forest and then finish up at home against South Carolina. If they do their job then Clemson fans have nothing to fear.

| University of Michigan

Turns out not everyone likes Jim Harbaugh. The Simpsons recently took a shot at him in one of their episodes. I for one like Harbaugh, and I like what the Wolverines are doing. They are thoroughly beating teams down. Games are over in the first half whenever Michigan plays now a days. Every week they seem to get better and better, all leading up to “the game”. I’m not convinced that their playoff hopes ride on that game, but if they win they’re a lock.

| University of Alabama

Lock it in they’re going to the playoffs. The only way they don’t get in is if they were to lose to Auburn, and then by some cataclysmic, apocalyptic occurrence lose the SEC title game. I really don’t need to go into any more detail. It’s Alabama, and then everyone else.


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