The Resignation of Norv Turner Will Turn Around the Vikings’ Atrocious Offense

Written by: Jack Day – Staff Writing Intern (@GrandstandDay)

After an embarrassing 20-10 loss on Monday Night Football, the Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner has decided to step down.  Pat Shurmur has been named the interim offensive coordinator.

Everyone has heard that Turner has an elite mind when it comes to turning a quarterback into a super star.  But his system is clearly not working with a Vikings offense that is ranked 31st in total offensive points scored.

This is the right time for the Vikings to change it up. Clearly what they have been doing all season has not been working. Even though the Vikings are still sitting at 5-2, their offense has still been under performing. The Vikings defense and special teams played a major role in all five of the wins they have this year.  Turner’s offense has looked like a below average offense all season, and it’s time for a change.

With Pat Shurmur coming in to be the offensive coordinator, it is important to note a few things he has done in his own career. Shurmur has been a head coach in his past coaching experiences, but he coached the Cleveland Browns so that hardly counts. Shurmur has been an offensive coordinator for both the Rams and the Eagles, so it is safe to say he knows Sam Bradford a lot better than Turner ever did.


Shurmur is going to come in, and change the offensive philosophy.  In past weeks, it looked as if Turner was scared with some of his play calling. Shurmur is going to try and blow this offense up.  In upcoming weeks, the Minnesota Vikings are going to look like a west coast team.  For fantasy owners, this move is good if you have Kyle Rudolph, Stephan Diggs, or Jerrick McKinnon when he gets healthy.  Instead of running the ball on three consecutive downs, the Vikings are going to be throwing the ball a lot more.  

Not only will the Vikings be throwing the ball a lot more, they will also be in the shot gun more than the Turner lead offense.  This is going to benefit a slow Sam Bradford, and hopefully give him a little more time with a banged up offensive line.

Norv Turner is a good offensive minded coach, but it was time for him to depart from Minnesota. It was clear that his system just wasn’t working, and that it was time for change.  With Shurmur taking over the reigns of the offensive coordinator, look for the Vikings offense to have a spark in them on Sunday against Detroit in front of a hopeful crowd.


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