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Daily Fantasy NBA Basketball Picks for DraftKings & FanDuel – 11.2.16


Written by: Kyle Dillard – Staff Writing Intern (@TheGrandstandKD)

| Toronto Raptors @ Washington Wizards

Vegas: WAS – 1.0   / Over-Under: 203.0

With a decent O/U and spread, Kyle Lowry and Demar DeRozan head to Washington to take on the Wizards. This game is very interesting simply because Demar DeRozan is a grade-A baller, and arguably having one of the best starts to the season as any player. At $7.8K I have to consider DeRozan tonight. You can count on him to score and if he gets aggressive enough to grab some rebounds, then he crushes his value. On a night with a slate so big like tonight’s, mid-tier value plays are a good way to go against the grind. Outside of DeRozan, I like Kyle Lowry for $7.6k.

On the Wizards side of the ball, There’s a few interesting plays. My favorites are Marcin Gortat (5.6K), Andrew Nicholson ($3.3K), and Markieff Morris ($5.8k). Nicholson has been impressive and gets great minutes and is a definite elite value option. Markieff Morris and Gortat are both sub $6K and can both put up 40 any night. I like all three tonight at home against the Raptors.

| Philadelphia 76ers @ Charlotte Hornets

Vegas: CHA -12.0 / Over-Under: 195.0

From the 76ers, I really like Sergio Rodriguez at $4.9K. He started the preseason as a reserve to TJ McConnell, but as the exhibition season progressed, Rodriguez has flourished. He his averaging 12.7 pts, 8.3 assists, and 4.3 rebounds in his first three games, while also recording a double-double, He’s proving to be very valuable. With the trade of Jerami Grant, and because the 76ers are on a back to back, I like the odd’s of Richaun Holmes getting an extended run. For Holmes, a very talented PF, minutes mean production. With Joel Embiid sitting, facing a I am running with Holmes.

The Charlotte Hornets will be without Jeremy Lamb who gets good run as a rotational player, and could be without big man Roy Hibbert as well. Lamb is out for 1-2 weeks with a hamstring injury, and Hibbert’s questioned status is due to his knees. With the Injury to Roy Hibbert, Spencer Hawes is a value to target. This Charlotte team isn’t afraid to roll out their reserves for extended runs and we will see if it keeps up tonight. With the guaranteed sidelining of Jeremy Lamb, a now healthy Marco Belinelli will find himself some playing time. An all-around solid player, Belinelli at, $3k, I think will go overlooked. Use his 3k price with either Jon Leuer or Malcolm Delaney to really differentiate your lineups tonight. Outside of value, this game doesn’t have much to offer.

| Houston Rockets @ New York Knicks

Vegas: NY -1.5 /   Over-Under: 213.5

Now this is where the slate gets interesting. Two of the most prolific players in the NBA square off in Madison Square Garden with one of the highest totals of the night. James Harden ($11.2K) is on fire. Averaging 32.2 pts, 11.8 asts, and 7.2 rebs, it’s hard to ignore the beard. I am not saying pay up for James Harden, because he may be very chalky, but in this high pace game he’s always in play. Call me crazy, but fantasy wise, that is the only play for the Rockets I’m on tonight. On the flipside, the Knicks are getting dangerous. Every game something improves, and they’ll have to get it together before the city boycotts Phil Jackson and the triangle offense. The Knicks feature three of the best mid-tier priced players on the board. Carmelo, Prozingod, and Derrick Rose all have shown a little here and there, but tonight’s the night I believe things come together. Look for the Knicks to really help your lineups tonight.

| Los Angeles Lakers @ Atlanta Hawks

Vegas: ATL -11.5   /   Over-Under: 208.0

The spread in this game is so ugly. With Atlanta favored by so much; However, I think it’s time for my favorite rookie to shine. Malcolm Delaney ($3K) averages 15.9 Fpts a game, which comes out to and 5.3x value. As the only other PG on team, against a fast paced Lakers team, I look for Delaney to have a breakout game. Also, Kyle Korver is a good lower priced guy to look at, as he can get hot from Deep quick. Paul Millsap and Dwight Howard are also good plays; although, like I said earlier, this game could get early, and we could see them get pulled early. Both guys are more than $7k so I may suggest spending elsewhere. For the Lakers, they’re scrappy, and they’re coming together game after game. D’Angelo Russell is looking to really establish himself, and at $6.7K, he’ll be an unpopular pick. I say load up DLoading.

| Detroit Pistons @ Brooklyn Nets

Vegas: DET- 4.0   /   Over-Under: 204.5

Averaging about 20 fantasy Points a game, and playing the fast-paced Nets, once again I find myself back on Jon Leuer (3.8k). Tonight’s a back to back for his team as well, and as a reserve he’ll get extended minutes. Any night Leuer gets on the court, the PF can light up from three-point range. Keep in mind, the Nets aren’t great at defending the 3-point line, so that’s another plus. Another Piston I like is Tobias Harris. At $6.1K, I like his prospects of hitting 5x value. He won’t be popular, but is definitely capable of a 45-50 pt performance.

For the Nets, their salaries have been adjusted and I feel like chasing players with these inflated price tags is risky. They’re not terrible, just not to my liking. One player I do like is Jeremy Lin. He’s $6k, and Linsane. I can’t stress this enough, this isn’t a flash in the pan kind of guy, this is a Harvard man who truly is a student of the game. We saw his development in New York at MSG, and then behind Kemba Walker, but now he’s really shining. So Fade the Nets, Except Jeremy Lin.

| Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics

Vegas: BOS – 3.5 /   Over-Under: 211.5

It’s weird to see a rematch of two teams this early in the season, especially those who are rivals. It’s obvious here that basically the entire Chicago ulls team is in play. To narrow that down, Jimmy Butler still isn’t more than 8k and Nikola Mirotic is only $5.1k That is really stupid cheap. These guys can combine for 100 amongst themselves, and in a great game like tonight, I think they rise to the occasion. If you don’t like Butler and Mirotic, pivot to Wade/Rondo and Taj Gibson. Everywhere you look, you get players from the top offense in the NBA thus far in a close matchup.

As for the Celtics, you have to be careful here. I’d stick with Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley tonight. There is a lot of depth in this slate, and these two are very capable of having great nights every night. Avery Bradley comes in at $5.8k and IT at $6.3k. Get as much of this game as you can honestly.

| New Orleans Pelicans @ Memphis Grizzlies

Vegas: MEM – 5.5 /   Over-Under: 206.0

There are four players to talk about in this game, as I do not believe that the Grizzlies lose to the pelicans. We’ll start with Memphis. Last night was one of the worst first halves I’ve ever seen from an NBA game. The difference, the Grizzlies didn’t have Mike Conley or Marc Gasol. After this huge contract that’s been awarded, it’s time for Conley to produce. At $6.8K, Conley is a strong play against a weak Pelicans team. Gasol, after burning me last night, still costs a mere $6.1k and is a baller. After watching his team being crushed last night, Marc Gasol should return to the court with a vengeance. Look for Gasol to hit a lot of shots from deep and get that double-double. I got burned with the late news last night on his out, but tonight I’m all in.

As for the pelicans, Tim Frazier and the so far unbelievably good Anthony Davis play, once again, looking for their first win. I almost feel bad for them, as they really have to shoulder the load. They’ve been in a write up by every provider every night, and it’s because it’s like guaranteed points. Be wary of chasing points though. Don’t get burned by the chalk.

| Dallas Mavericks @ Utah Jazz

Vegas: UTA -4.0 / Over-Under: 188.0

Not much to see here in this low total game. With the exception of Trey Lyles at $3.3K, and he started the second half last night against the Spurs and performed. Like, 10x value performed. We saw it in the preseason, and I think I may punt lyles into all of my lineups tonight.

| Portland Trailblazers @ Phoenix Suns

Vegas: POR – 3.0 / Over-Under: 215.5

With the potentially highest total of the night, I like this game. There’s a lot of really solid plays and I like the Portland Trailblazers depth. The theme of today is find the best value, and look no further than Mason Plumlee ($4.6k) and Tyson Chandler ($4.2K). The young athletic freak matches up against the ageless Tyson Chandler. They both manage to put up stats of regular starters, and both cost sub 5k. Damian Lillard is also in play here. He and CJ McCollum got outshot last night, plan and simple. They caught the Warriors on one of their nights where everything starts to right. Damian Lillard comes back tonight and lights up the Suns. In the other frontcourt, Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe are both great plays if Devin Booker is out. I’ll update that one later on twitter as news on Booker will probably come right before lock

| OKC Thunder @ L.A. Clippers

Vegas: LAC -7.0 / Over-Under: 207.0

Ok, this price is ridiculous, but so is averaging a triple-double. Russell Westbrook is $12.3K and can hit 5x value on this night. With the plethora of value on the board, you can really shake up a tournament by rostering Westbrook. I never thought I’d recommend a 12k+ player, but this man is doing amazing things. Also, this pick is quite contrarian. His salary will force you to dig deep into the value plays in the slate creating huge differentiation in your lineups from the rest of the pack. This is kind of equivalent to paying up for stud running backs and finding the best value receivers/tight ends. Call me crazy, but I’m on Westbrook tonight. Also, no explanation needed, Victor Oladipo. These two feed off one another. At 6.5k he is a very solid play.

On the other side of the ball, I don’t know if you’ve seen, but Blake Griffin is quite spectacular. His game has gotten better, and he’s got a quite depressed price at 8.6k. Against the OKC Thunder, it’s going to be hard to believe he gets much rest. This game should be a track meet and Blake Griffin is an excellent player in transition. He already averages a double-double, and tonight we could see him submit the most impressive stat line of his career. I just have a feeling with this one. Blake really will have to shoulder the load in this one. Also, for ‘Lob City’ I think it’s time to put in the coach’s son. Austin Rivers, $3.3k, is making the best of his reserve minutes, and in a game that will require a lot of offense, I feel Doc will put his boy in alongside the 1st unit.


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