Chicago Cubs’ David Ross; Kid’s Heart, Old Man’s Body

Written by: Jack H. Day – Sports Writing Intern (@GrandstandDay)

Millions of children grow up playing baseball and calling their shot in “game seven of the World Series,” but a very slim number of them to live that dream. David Ross is one of the few living that dream.  Ross has been in the Major League Baseball since 2002.  On Wednesday night, Ross hit one of the most memorable home runs in his entire career, putting the Cubs up 6-3 in game seven of the World Series.

Hitting a homerun in the MLB is a big deal for anyone.  The fans jump out of their seats, spill their beer all over the person in front of them, and proceed to high five the same person covered in their Bud Light.  As many kids dream about what Ross did, he did as a 39-year-old catcher.  You heard that right, the position that does the most harm to the lower body in baseball still has a 39-year-old playing at a high enough level to put his team up by three in the biggest game of the century.

Ross may look like a man amongst boys in the Cubs organization, but his heart has helped inspire this team to where they are today.  Watching the Cubs rally around a 39-year-old that’s jumping around in the dugout like a kid that just saw his first home run in a major league ballpark is a beautiful sight.  Ross has not put up the numbers to come close to the MLB Hall of Fame, but that is not the point.  This game seven will go down as one of, if not the most crucial game in his 15 year career.

The fact that a grown man old enough to be a dad to most the players on the Cubs just hit a dinger in game seven is unique.  Baseball may be a young mans game, but David Ross just showed that he will not let age define his love for America’s pastime.  Not to mention, David Ross became the oldest player ever to home run in Game 7 of a World Series tonight.  The Cubs’ 108-year curse may be coming to an end momentarily.


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