National Football League: Five Truths about the 2016-17 NFL Season – Part Two

Written by: Tre LyDay – Staff Writer (@trelyday03)

| TRUTH #1: Tyreke Hill is Brandin Cooks 2.0

Of course this one hits me after the Chiefs played the Saints last week. Tyreke Hill so long as he continues on the right path, and learns the entire route tree, is a spitting image of Brandin Cooks. I got to watch Hill up close in training camp, and he’s like lightning in a bottle. We all know Cooks has speed to burn, and he showed it when he toasted Raiders’ corner Sean Smith en route to a 98 yard touchdown. Hill is easily the fastest player on the Chiefs, and most likely top five fastest players in the NFL. Hill caught a 38 yard touchdown last Sunday, his speed was in full affect slingshotting past the defender the final 15 yards, and made a one handed snag even after being interfered with. He’s deadly on screens, because if he gets past the first defender he can outrun any angle. As I mentioned before so long as Hill continues to progress, and learns the entire route tree, he will become an elite receiver in the slot.

| TRUTH #2: The Giants are Making the Playoffs

Back on the G-Men train! They’re going to make the playoffs, and it’s not because of Eli (although he’s going to play a major role) it’s because of their defense. I know what you’re thinking, but they play so many snaps, they don’t get sacks, they give up so many yards. I’m not blind I can see that too, but what I do see is a secondary that has shown they’re more than capable of covering people, and getting timely stops. The sacks will come, and eventually they’ll find a way to give JPP and Olivier Vernon off the field every once in awhile. Don’t forget they handled a Cowboys offensive line that’s supposed to be the best in the league. They can score with anyone in the league, and with this defense they can play in a slugfest. Save this truth, you’ll need it later.

| TRUTH #3: The Ravens Offense is Hindering Their Defense

If you know me, then you know I will defend Joe Flacco till the day I die. He should have two Super Bowl titles, if not for a drop, followed by a shanked field goal. Right now though, Flacco and the gang are definitely dropping the ball on offense, and it’s not doing their defense any favors. They’ve scored 20 points or more only three times this year, and they’ve only won one of those games. Not only that, but they are dreadfully awful on third down. They are second to last in third down percentage, they commit way too many penalties, they’re 26th in rushing, 25th in yards per attempt and Flacco is 29th in QBR. The list goes on and on with this anemic offense. It’s forcing this defense which is actually really good to be on the field too much, and more possessions for the offense means more chances to score, and you can’t hold them every time. I bet the Ravens wish they could have Cam Cameron or Gary Kubiak back.

| TRUTH #4: Broncos Still Struggle on Offense

The Broncos are 5-2, but their offense is still a tough watch. They’re now down C.J. Anderson who’s going to have knee surgery, but they need to find a little pep in their step. As we all know Gary Kubiak is the master of play action, but the rule of thumb is that you have to be able to run the ball to carry out an effective play action. With Trevor Simeon at the helm they can’t really run a traditional drop back offense, but they’ll need to do something with their passing game, because if you can stifle the run game then you put them in a bind. Easier said than done, but in their two losses the Falcons and Chargers were able to slow down the ground game. The Chargers got the added bonus of forcing a few turnovers. It’s not against the rules to throw the ball to set up the run, and there will be games where they might have to do that. They don’t have that much of a cushion to experiment with this either, because the Chiefs and Raiders are breathing down their neck.

| TRUTH #5: Texans have a $72 million Problem

There are 72 million reasons why the Texans are struggling mightily on offense. Brock Osweiler is as bad as it gets at quarterback. The fewest passing yards on at least 40 attempts in NFL history belong to Jesse palmer (110) and Brock Osweiler (131). If you watched the Monday Night game then you saw just an awful performance, that included a fumble on attempted throw that was borderline laughable. He’s throwing a pick for every touchdown, and an INT on 3% of his passes. Not to mention his QBR is worse than Joe Flacco’s. I don’t think we need to go into his 5.7 yards per attempt, and barely 200 yards passing a game. At least no I have a reference point whenever someone points out Alex “checkdown” Smith. The Texans aren’t going to make a change unless he gets hurt, and most GM’s like the “20 game rule” where you have to wait 20 games to fully gauge your investment at the most important position on the field. Seven games down 13 more to go.


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