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Daily Fantasy NBA Basketball Picks for DraftKings & FanDuel – 10.26.16

Written by: Kyle Dillard – Staff Writing Intern (@TheGrandstandkd)

On day two of the young NBA season, we have 20 teams in action. Hopefully you’ve survived the mess that was day one of the NBA season, and heres to getting the ball rolling on day two. Keep in mind, for most teams, this will be their oppening games, and coaches are finding their rotations. For updates on injuries and rotational news, follow me on twitter as well as James (@TheGrandstandUS) and Brett (@GrandstandBJP). lets get it started!

| Point Guards

James Harden – Houston Rockets – $10,900

“The Beard” is getting the reigns at PG from Coach Mike D’Antoni this season, which means literally every thing that happens for the Houston Rockets this season will have to start with James Harden. With a price tag that is $600 cheaper than Russell Westbrook, he gives slight salary relief, and should easily go 5x his value. It is no secret that he loves to score; however, I think fantasy owners will notice an increase in assists and his triple double threat will be nightly. Tonight, he plays a very young Lakers team who like to run and gun. Coach Luke Walton is less than a year removed from the Warriors prolific, fast paced offense, and I think this will benefit James Harden’s ability to utilize the extra possessions from LA mishaps and shots early in the shot clock. I’d take Harden In cash and tournaments.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – Milwaukee Bucks – $8,800

Giannis Antetokounmpo has been moved to strictly PG this season on Draftkings and is way cheaper than James and Russell Westbrook tonight. With Khris Middleton out with no timeline for return, The Greek Freak will have to carry his team. His price will more than likely inflate, so I am buying low tonight for him before he becomes the obvious pick later on in the season ( probably also with a 10k + price tag ). Matchup wise, too is playing a sub-par defensive team, and Kemba Walker has the clear size disadvantage. ABC will most likely run under-owned, and I’d say he’s going to be in more of my tournament lineups.

Also Consider:  Goran Dragic – Miami Heat – $7,000, Ty Lawson – Sacramento Kings – $5,5000, Ish Smith – Detroit Pistons – $4,700

| Shooting Guards

Devin Booker – Phoenix Suns – $6,500

The ex-Kentucky SG is looking to light up the league this year with a game I like to compare to Klay Thompson. With the release of Archie Goodwin, the Suns are clearly going to allow Mr.Booker to grow this season. At $6,500, he’ll be a great pick for roster construction and with his 6’6”frame, and 3-Point shooting ability, he can break 40 Fantasy Points on any night. He’s the tender age of 19, ( narrative here , he will be 20 in 4 Days ) and his game will expand literally every minute he’s on the floor. Especially playing a thin Sacramento King back Court. I look for Phoenix to find their identity early, and attempt to run the kings out of the gym. Demarcus Cousins is good, but there is no way his game deters Booker. The kings are simply just bad, and Devin Booker is a bad man ( child).

Gerald Henderson – Philadelphia 76ers – $3,700

The veteran Hendo is going to be starting for the 76ers to start the season and at $3,700 it is difficult to look past what his starting rotational role will allow him to produce. This bargain is perfect to bolster your tournament lineups with, while allowing you to fit in the big guns on this massive slate. He is a scorer, and scoring is one of the most consistent statistics in all of basketball. They’ll need his composure to keep pace with the OKC thunder, and I like the contrarian aspect that comes about with picking Henderson based upon game pace. He also will likely be very low-owned also because of his disappearance in the preseason due to Injury.

Also Consider: Victor Oladipo – Oklahoma City Thunder – $7,100, Will Barton – Denver Nuggets – $4,600, Evan Fournier – Orlando Magic – $6,400, Tyler Johnson – Miami Heat – $4,200

| Small Forwards

Andrew Wiggins – Minnesota Timberwolves – $6500

He’s 21, in his 3rd year in the league, and is on what is now one of the best young teams in the NBA. He’s under-priced, CRIMINALLY, and this is his year. Playing the Memphis Grizzlies, who are having quite the identity crisis also benefits Wiggins. It’s time to consider the Minnesota Timberwolves a legitimate team now. I’ll be stacking Wiggins with KAT a few times, as I look for them to get off to a dominate start.

Harrison Barnes – Dallas Mavericks – $5,800

Harrison Barnes will be less rostered than people think because of how many people he burned in the preseason. Also, when he played for the warriors, he was not the most consistent player because of how many shots that the Splash Brothers were taking. Despite previous performance, I believe in Harrison Barnes. Definitely a contrarian pick due to his match up with Paul George, I’m still willing to run him on a few tournament teams. The last thing to note with Harrison Barnes, he did not miss a free throw in the preseason, and for any shooter this is always a huge meter for the consistency of the jump shot. Look for Barnes to catch fire and play a well rounded game with the Mavs.

Also Consider: Nicolas Batum – Charlotte Hornets – $6,400, P.J Tucker – Phoenix Suns – $3,600, Trevor Ariza – Houston Rockets – $5,800


| Power Forward

Nikola Jokic- Denver Nuggets – $6,900

Nikola Jokic has taken the NBA by storm. Mike Malone has named him the starting power forward this year allowing him to get an expanded role on the perimeter. He’ll be playing along side Jusuf Nurkic ( C- Denver- $5,8000) and the combo provides stats at an alarming rate. Jokic proved in the Olympics, while representing his home country Serbia, that he is the real deal. Jokic is a guy who can give the fantasy production of Anthony Davis, at a discounted price. He also has the versatility as being able to be rostered as a center, but with the centers on this slate Id most definitely use him as my main Power forward.

Ryan Anderson – Houston Rockets – $6,700

Ryan Anderson averaged almost 30 Fantasy Points a game OFF THE BENCH last season. Playing behind Anthony Davis, he would come in the game, shoot 3’s, get rebounds, play hard, and sit back down. He’s been in the league since 2008, and this offseason signed a four year, $80 M contract with the rockets. One of the largest benefits of having Anderson on your roster is that he’ll be playing with James Harden. Like I said before, the Kings have been just bad at defense and I look for Anderson to have career year, and great opening night

Also Consider:  Julius Randle – Los Angeles Lakers – $5,900, Jaymichael Green – Memphis Grizzlies – $4,100, Myles Turner – Indiana Pacers – $6,200

| Center

Karl Anthony Towns – Minnesota Timverwolves – $9,200

There is not much to say here, as I think statistics and accolades say it all. He’s the reigning Rookie of the Year and the Defending NBA skills Challenge Champion, oh and he is seven-foot tall. As a rookie, He average a double-double ( 18.3 pts, 10.5 rbs, 2 ast per) and can only get better. By the way, that came out an average of a cool 39.2 DK points per game. Against Memphis, I see Karl Towns going beast mode. There is a new fantasy Goat in town, and if you do not roster him, your lineup will be cold like Minnesota.

Also Consider: Brook Lopez – Booklyn Nets – $7,400, Jusuf Nurkic – Denver Nuggets – $ 5,800, Amir Johnson – Boston Celtics – $3,700


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