Joey Julius: Penn State’s Kicker and Human Wrecking Ball

Written by: Brett J. Pietrzak – Vice President (@GrandstandBJP)

Pennsylvania State University’s kick-off specialist, Joey Julius, is making headlines. While his job on the team is to kick the ball out of the end zone, Julius best trait may be his hit power.

Julius stands at a monstrous five-foot ten-inches and weighs in at about 270lbs, but is referred to as the “hardest-hitter on the team.” Many are quick to call out these heinous statements, but lets just ask Kent State kick-returner Raekwon James:


After being mashed by Julius, James stated that he was receiving all kinds of “trolling” on the internet, as he should. While this hit is fantastic, it can be said that the hit was just luck and that Julius would never do something of the magnitude again. On one bright Saturday, when Penn State matched up with the University of Michigan, Julius made the highlight reel once again.



Every story I am reading about the big lovable kicker is about an eating disorder he battled in the Spring. Why spend time reading something as depressing when you can watch Big Joe do what God put him on this Earth to do, lay people out.


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