NCAA College Football: Week Four Recap and Takeaways

Written by: Tre LyDay – Staff Writer (@trelyday03)

The College Football season is really a heart attack waiting to happen. Obviously that’s dependant on who your favorite team is. LSU fans this may be rock bottom for you. Alabama fans probably can’t even spell rock bottom. Ole Miss fans thought they hit rock bottom after they blow another 21+ point lead against Alabama, but now they’re treading water. So let’s look back at what week four provided us.


The clock ran out on Les Miles (figurative and literally):

The LSU-Auburn game was actually fairly entertaining. We even got to see a photographer take one to the chops, but eventually the clock ran out on LSU after an eventful final 30 seconds. What looked like a LSU victory was stripped away after review showed they didn’t get the snap off in time, sealing Auburn’s first home SEC win in almost a year. After their season opening loss I noted that Miles might not make it through the whole season, and a day later news broke that both offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, and head coach Les Miles had been fired. Miles had been the head coach of the Bayou Bengals for 12 years, a tenure that included a national championship victory, even though they shouldn’t have even been in that game with two losses. Say what you want about the Mad Hatter, but everyone’s going to miss him eating grass on the sidelines.


Wisconsin is really good:

The Badgers from Madison, Wisconsin are really good, and it’s time to take them seriously. Nobody saw them beating LSU in the season opener, but they did. Then they go out in week three, and almost suffer an inconceivable loss to Georgia State AT HOME. A week later they head to East Lansing, and basically ran the Spartans off their own field with a 30-6 victory. The Badgers dominated from start to finish, and actually made Mark Dantonio vanish into thin air. Wisconsin is in the middle of a three game stretch that would make anybody cringe. They go to Michigan on Saturday, then play Ohio State at home two weeks later. Even after those daunting tasks it still doesn’t get any easier. They then go to Iowa, and play Nebraska the following week. If somehow, someway Wisconsin walks away unscathed (highly unlikely), you might as well put them in the playoffs.


Alabama should fear Texas A&M:

Why should Alabama fear TAMU? For two reasons; One, because once again A&M has Nick Saban’s worst fear, a mobile quarterback. Secondly, because they are built to last. Texas A&M beat Arkansas in Dallas behind Trevor Knight’s arm, and legs. Knight racked up 225 yards through the air to go along with his team-high 157 yards on the ground. The kill shot came with 1:33 left in the third quarter when Knight found Josh Reynolds down the sideline for a 92 yard touchdown. The Aggies defense is probably the best it’s been during Kevin Sumlin’s tenure. At the start of the second half, Arkansas executed a 19 play 89 yard drive that eclipsed almost 10 minutes aided by two A&M penalties, and came away with zero points after a goal line stand by the Aggies. Texas A&M plays South Carolina, and Tennessee before facing off with Alabama in Tuscaloosa on October 22nd. Queue the 2012 flashbacks please.


#Pac12AfterDark is for the people:

There’s a new trend on Twitter Saturday nights, and its Pac-12 after dark. I live in the central time zone, and Pac-12 games usually don’t end till about 1am, but they’re so darn entertaining who cares about sleep. Saturday didn’t fail us in more ways than one. Stanford was a 3.5 point favorite going into Saturday, and after they put together a drive to take a 16-13 lead it looked like if you bet UCLA +3.5 then you were good to go. Not so fast my friend! Stanford stripped Josh Rosen, and took it to the house for the cover, and those +3.5 guys are probably going to quit betting for life. In Tempe, Arizona points were not at a premium. The over/under was 82.5, so obviously you’re going to bet under right? Well, if you did all was great until the fourth quarter rolled around. Cal and Arizona State racked up 45 points in the fourth quarter, after totalling only 54 points through the first three quarters. On top of that Arizona State was a four point favorite, and just like the Stanford-UCLA game, everyone who had Cal +4 had their hearts ripped out when Arizona State picked up an onside kick, and took it to the house to ruin that bet. One can only wonder what the Pac-12 has in store for us next week.


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