NCAA College Football: Week Three Recap and Takeaways

Written by: Tre LyDay – Staff Writer (@trelyday03)

Week three of the College Football season provided us with an array of results. From Florida State getting the brakes beat off of them, to Ole Miss blowing a 21 point lead, and a 93% win probability, you really never know what’s going to happen on a week to week basis in College Football.

Nebraska finally won an important game:

Nebraska took on Oregon at home and after trying so hard to give it away, sealed the deal and won a game that they would have lost in previous years. The consensus on Nebraska is that this is the year that they finally figure things out and possibly contend for a Big 10 title with Sparty and Ohio State. Maybe this year they won’t need a very generous call from the refs to beat Michigan State. They could have folded when Oregon committed back to back penalties to create a 2nd and 27, then proceeded to erase that and score a touchdown two plays later, but they battled back, and got a much needed win. Please note; last time the Huskers were in the Big 10 title game was in 2012, and let’s just say Wisconsin scored more than Louisville did against Florida State on Saturday.

Florida State needs new brakes:

Why does FSU need new brakes? Simple, because Lamar Jackson and Louisville beat them off FSU. Florida State took a business trip to Louisville, and ended with Deondre Francois making terrible business decisions. Louisville dominated this game from start to finish, and it was really never close. Florida State was the beneficiary of Ole Miss’ propensity to blow leads this year in week one, but Louisville wasn’t letting this one go. Florida State might be in trouble this year as far as their playoff hopes go. Their offensive line has struggled all year to protect Francois and they still have games remaining against Miami, Clemson, and Florida. They might have to win out just to make their conference title game, but there’s still plenty of time to get back in the playoff conversation.


Kevin Sumlin’s offseason headaches are worth it:

Every single offseason Kevin Sumlin has to deal with his staff doing something completely stupid. Like this past offseason, when his assistants decided it was a good idea to put together an inappropriate slide show at a fundraiser. This wasn’t the first time Sumlin’s assistants got themselves in trouble. Coming into this season, many thought Sumlin was on the mildly warm seat, and his assistants getting in trouble didn’t help his case. Texas A&M beats UCLA week one in overtime, and then beats Auburn on Saturday. Sumlin lost all his 5-star recruit quarterbacks, and was left with Trevor Knight, who’s concussions and the play of Baker Mayfield drove him out of Oklahoma into the waiting arms of Texas A&M. Now he looks like the Trevor Knight that beat Alabama in the 2014 Sugar Bowl. The Aggies get 17th ranked Arkansas at home this week and if they win that, I’m going to have flashbacks of the 2012 season.

Mizzou still can’t get out of their own way:

In the second most exhilarating game of the week in my opinion, Mizzou really just can’t help themselves. They ran out the gates to a 10-0 lead seven minutes into the game, and when I say ran, I really mean throw, because Drew Lock was slinging it all over the yard. He shredded UGA’s secondary for a touchdown on the first drive that took all of the blink of an eye. Mizzou’s defense did everything they could to win this game for the offense, because they managed to turn the ball over FIVE times, and Georgia never scored off any of those turnovers, including two missed field goals. Georgia’s second to last possession ended with a punt, and a moronic targeting penalty, and Mizzou couldn’t milk the last five and half minutes. They barely milked two minutes of it. After they did everything in their power to win this game Mizzou’s defense finally broke on fourth and ten with 1:36 left in the game, when Jacob Eason found Isaiah McKenzie on a seam route for the game winner. Missouri is good, and they’ll eventually learn how to get out of their own way, but Saturday was not that day.


Texas is glad their Cal series is over:

The entire city of Austin, and really the vast majority of Texas was probably in shambles after what happened in Berkeley at almost one o’clock in the morning. I mean, I would too if Cal makes a colossal mistake like drop the ball before crossing the goalline, and my team doesn’t get the ball back. In reality even though I though Texas should have got the ball back, they really didn’t deserve it. They turned it over twice, one of them right on their own goal line, and missed a field goal. Their secondary was being abused all night, by a walk-on transfer who only got one offer. Cal did whatever they wanted on offense, and Texas couldn’t hope to stop them. Texas had more yards, held the ball longer and had 10 more first downs than Cal, and still couldn’t win. Davis Webb went for 396 through the air, 196 of them to Chad Hansen. Saturday was almost a carbon copy of what happened in Austin last year. Texas turned it over twice, had more yards and first downs than Cal. They even had a chance to tie it with 40 seconds left, but they blew the extra point. The last two years have been torture against Cal for Longhorns fans, so I’m sure they’re glad this series is over, and I’d wait a half decade or more before doing this again.


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