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Daily Fantasy NFL Football Picks for DraftKings & FanDuel – Week 2

Written by: Phillip Beneteau – Staff Writer (@FantasyPhilled)

The first week of the NFL season is in the books, and hopefully your bankroll grew a bit! Last week my list had mixed results as WR Julio Jones did not impress, but QB Matt Stafford definitely showed up in a big way!

Eli Manning (QB) – DraftKings: $7,600, FanDuel: $8,100 – New York Giants

If you watched the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, I get that you already have Eli Manning stapled in to your lineups. There are two worries I do have, which I think may limit ownership. One being that QB Drew Brees is less effective on the road, meaning that if the Giants get out to a big lead early, they could lean on RB Rashad Jennings. Secondly, Manning simply didn’t look that good on Sunday. I am going to chalk that up to Week 1 mixed results, and effectively choose his as my go to guy for QB purposes across both sites. I like him even more on FanDuel where he is the 9th priced QB, while being the 5th most expensive QB on DraftKings. I believe that the Giants hit stride this week at home and shred the Saints like they did last year! (If you forgot about last season’s duel, go check it out…records were broken!)

C.J. Anderson (RB) – DraftKings: $6,800, FanDuel: $7,800 – Denver Broncos

C.J. Anderson was one of the highest scoring Rbs last week for DFS purposes, but was not a big tournament play because the Broncos played against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football. Anderson, I feel, could be a sneaky play here as he isn’t even a top four pricing option on either site. It could be tough for people to pay up for Anderson on DFS as I expect some pass catching backs like Theo Riddick, Charles Sims, James White, and Spencer Ware all to be very popular this weekend. Anderson is in one of the best spots this weekend as I believe that they will continue their heavy running back play and focus on shutting down and limiting the time of possession for QB Andrew Luck of the Colts.

Travis Benjamin (WR) – DraftKings: $4,400, FanDuel: $6,100 – San Diego Chargers

I believe that the San Diego Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars game has huge potential. The Chargers are currently 3 point favourites via the spread, which puts them at a 25 team total. This game has the potential to post a 50 burger combined points from both teams which means a massive day fantasy wise. I actually like the Jaguars on the road which is the main reason why I am looking at Benjamin. I will probably only use him on DraftKings this weekend because of his great price and huge upside because his price on FanDuel is very TD dependent. Benjamin may have only had 32 yards last game, but did manage seven receptions on eight targets. Expect those same catches totals, possibly even more, and more yardage this week. In a PPR game like DraftKings, Benjamin is a must-play with this matchup.

Delanie Walker (TE) – DraftKings: $4,500, FanDuel: $6,600 – Tennessee Titans

I talked up Delanie Walker last week, and sadly it wasn’t the best day. To be fair, it wasn’t the best day for Tes in generalon Sunday. The Titans play in Detroit this week, and I’m expecting the offence to have more of an effect this week for the Titans. The Titans head coach stated earlier this week that they needed to work Walker more in to the game plan as he was just targeted five times in Sunday’s loss to the Vikings. I’m expecting a huge day from Walker who managed just three catches and 42 yards. This Lions defence was torched by the Colts, as well as their Tes as Colts Tes combined for 7 catches on 10 targets, 88 yards and THREE touchdowns. He is my top TE play this week, especially at his price point.

Blake Bortles (QB) – DraftKings: $6,700, FanDuel: $ $8,100 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Just looking at his price on DraftKings, he is a great pivot play if you are worried about Eli Manning. He will save you $900 salary which will help you fill in your roster. Personally, I will be taking my first shot at a max 50 entries contest, and both Manning and Bortles will be heavily owned percentage wise in my rosters. While I’m not expecting that Bortles has a top five fantasy season this year, let alone a top 10 season, I do expect him to be a top three option this week at QB. We saw what QB Alex Smith did last week against this defence. Mind you, the Chiefs were forced to throw early on because of their deficit, but as I already mentioned, I believe that this game turns in to a shoot out. Bortles managed 320 yards and a touchdown on 24 completions. I am expecting a similar yards output, but an uptick in the TD rate that could be three for the day!

Theo Riddick (RB) – DraftKings: $4,300, FanDuel: $5,900 – Detroit Lions

Theo Riddick is exactly what you want out of a DraftKings RB. He will run the ball on occasion, but you know that he is essentially guaranteed at least four catches a game. If he can find the endzone, which he did twice last week, he has already tripled his price point on DraftKings and you have made a great play. Riddick had 80 catches last season and had at least four catches in 11 of his 16 games.

Allen Robinson (WR) – DraftKings: $7,800, FanDuel: $8,200 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Allen Robinson definitely let down a lot of people last week, from DFS to season long. His six receptions for 72 yards was nothing to be overly happy about, especially when you took a look at the Saints and Raiders box score. What I am going to die by this week is the fact that he had 15 targets Sunday. If he can see nearly the amount of targets as he did against he Packers, I am expecting a much more fruitful day on the field. Robinson is the outright number 1 WR in Jacksonville, and I am expecting him to match those numbers this week with a 8 catch 125 yard and one touchdown game on Sunday!

Vance McDonald (TE) – DraftKings: $3,000, FanDuel: $4,600 – San Francisco 49ers

If I had room I would include WR Jeremy Kerley on this list as well, but for the sake of keeping it short, I’m riding with Vance McDonald as my super value TE. McDonald only managed 14 yards on two catches, but he did find the endzone. I have been riding the hype train all preseason and I’m expecting it to be much heavier after this week. While I do agree that the Carolina Panthers will be a much more difficult opponent than the LA Rams were on Monday, the fact of the matter is that I fully expect the Panthers to win this game. This means that the 49ers will be more in throwing mode and as he does so well, QB Blaine Gabbert will be heavily reliant on his inside men like Kerley and McDonald. I’m expecting a 5 catch 63 yard day, which is pretty solid value from a near minimum priced TE, especially after the disappointing firstSunday for Tes last weekend!

Oakland Raiders (DEF) – DraftKings: $2,700, FanDuel: $4,500

Aside from the Seattle Seahawks, the Carolina Panthers, and the Denver Broncos, there are not every many defenses that I am overly excited about this week. For most cases I will be doing my best to leave anywhere from $3,600-$3,900 left on my DraftKings lineups so that I can afford one of the more expensive DEFs this Sunday. The Raiders got torched last week against the Saints, but I would not consider QB Matt Ryan and the Falcons to have nearly the amount of talent as Drew Brees and company. What I’m also looking at is the fact that both top Wrs for Atlanta walked away banged up from last weeks contest. I am not expecting the world from the Raiders DEF, but a couple sacks and a turnover will definitely be better than the 0 that some DEFs may put up this Sunday with so many high totals!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions tweet me @fantasyphilled !


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