National Football League Week Two Power Rankings

Written by: Coleman Bahr – Staff Writer (@ColemanBahr)

Football is back! Week one gave us reasons to cheer, reasons to cry, and a little bit of everything in-between. Where does your team rank in this week’s edition of our power rankings?

  1. Cleveland Browns

Sorry, Cleveland. It is looking like another long season for the Browns as they dropped their season opener 29-10 to the Philadelphia Eagles. Meanwhile, Robert Griffin III has been placed on injured reserve while Josh McCown takes the helm for the time being.

  1. Los Angeles Rams

Jared Goff needs to be in the lineup. Plain and simple. Could it possibly get any worse after a 28-0 whooping against the San Francisco 49ers? At least give the guy a chance.

  1. New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees threw for 423 yards, four touchdowns, and no picks, but the Saints STILL lost. The Saints defense is simply abysmal, and Derek Carr just had himself a field day.

  1. Tennessee Titans

I have to give them some props to the Titans for shutting down Adrian Peterson, but that was the only positive to take from this game. They made a few costly mistakes, which allowed Minnesota to take two turnovers to the crib.

  1. Chicago Bears

The Bears looked good for a little bit, but they just could not get it done against the Houston Texans. They have some potential, but their young players have a sharp learning curve to overcome.

  1. Atlanta Falcons

Jameis Winston absolutely torched them on Sunday for four touchdowns. Their defense must improve going forward

  1. San Francisco 49ers

Not so fast, my friend. Remember last season when the 49ers torched the Vikings on opening weekend last year, and then laid an egg the rest of the year? If the 49ers can produce like this all season long, then I will reconsider. But, they only beat the L.A Rams, so I am not impressed just yet.


  1. San Diego Chargers

For one half, they looked fantastic. Unfortunately, the second half was the definition of a meltdown as they allowed 24 unanswered points, and they dropped a heartbreaker to the Kansas City Chiefs. On the bright side, Melvin Gordon finally scored a touchdown.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

I have no idea what to think about Carson Wentz. He was fantastic against the Cleveland Browns, but the Browns are probably just as good as the FCS teams he faced back at North Dakota State                   

23. Washington Redskins

Is Kirk Cousins for real? He threw for a ton of yards last night, picking up 368 yards through the air, but he also threw two picks, and failed to score, so I am unsure of what to think just yet.

22.Buffalo Bills

They only scored seven points against the Baltimore Ravens, ouch. Tyrod Taylor tallied just 111 passing yards, and there are reports of a Sammy Watkins injury, which would be a huge hit to their aerial attack.

  1. Baltimore Ravens

There are major improvements to the Baltimore defense this season, and we saw it on display this weekend as they allowed seven points in a 13-7 win against the Buffalo Bills. However, the offense is still mediocre at best.

  1. Indianapolis Colts

Their defense is probably second worst in the league, barely beating out the Saints. It is hard to win games when you have to score 30+ points week in and week out, and that was the case last Sunday.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville gave the Packers a run for their money, but just couldn’t close it out. The defense was shaky, but it was the Packers, so that was almost expected. They face the Chargers this week on the road, and I think they will get the win.


  1. Dallas Cowboys

Good teams find a way to win. It seems as if the Cowboys keep on finding new ways to lose. Dak Prescott was solid, but I want to see that offense turn red zone trips into touchdowns

  1. Miami Dolphins

They were heavy underdogs going in to Seattle, and they almost shocked the world, almost. Also, their defense was impressive, only allowing only 12 points.

  1. New York Jets

The Jets lost a close one to the Bengals, and Ryan Fitzpatrick failed to get things going as he only threw for 189 yards, and his leading receiver was Matt Forte. Next week should be easier for them against the Buffalo Bills.

  1. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders offense was fantastic in a comeback win against the Saints, but the defense was hard to watch. If they want to make a playoff run, the defense has to improve, no questions asked.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs made a division win look easy, jumping out to a 31-13 lead before defeating the Falcons 31-24. The offense was fun to watch, and it will be put to the test this week against the Arizona Cardinals.

  1. Detroit Lions

Jim Bob Cooter has that offense firing on all cylinders. The Lions picked up right where they left off in 2015, but they will only be as good as their defense lets them.

  1. Minnesota Vikings

Defense wins championships. The Vikings defense scored two touchdowns, while the offense failed to reach the end zone in a 25-16 win against the Tennessee Titans. Shaun Hill was terrible though, and I expect the Vikings to turn to Sam Bradford moving forward, although nothing is official.

  1. Houston Texans

The Texans offense has some potent weapons outside of Deandre Hopkins now, and they will be a team to watch moving forward with a solid offense, and a tenacious defense.


  1. New York Giants

The Giants looked good last weekend. They were able to grind out a tough win against the Dallas Cowboys in the closing minutes, something they failed to do last season.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs went from bottom dwellers to world beaters in a valiant comeback effort against the San Diego Chargers. They were also missing their biggest offensive weapon, Jamaal Charles.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are always contenders with Ben Roethlisberger under center. They picked up an easy win in primetime last night, a 38- 16 win against the Washington Redskins.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals looked prime for another strong season. Good teams win close games, and that is exactly what they did on Sunday with a 23-22 victory against the New York Jets

  1. Carolina Panthers

They lost a nail biter to the Denver Broncos on Thursday night, but I am not too concerned. They were only a field goal away from winning, and they should be one of the elite teams in the NFC this year.

  1. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals were also a field goal away from taking down the Patriots, and if there was a better snap on the kick they could be 1-0 right now. Their offense is still a top five squad, but the defense was a little bit shaky at times.

  1. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks pulled out a close one, but Russell Wilson is down with an ankle sprain. Even with some struggles offensively, they have a defense that will haunt offensive coordinators all season.


  1.  Green Bay Packers

Jordy Nelson is back! The Packers offense looked great against the Jaguars, although the defense needs to iron out some things in the coming weeks.

  1. Denver Broncos

No Peyton, no problem. Denver has an elite defense again this season, and they are looking at another deep post-season run.

  1. New England Patriots

They are head and shoulders above everyone else right now. They just went on the road, against the NFC’s finest, without some of their star offensive weapons, and took home a 23-21 win.


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