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Daily Fantasy MLB Baseball: Pitching Preview for DraftKings and FanDuel – 8.27.16

Written by: Coleman Bahr – Staff Writer (@ColemanBahr)

We have an eleven game slate tonight, and there are a few pitchers that I like, but it is far from a plentiful. In this article I am going to preview the top cash, and tournament pitchers, along with a few hitters I will be targeting hitters against. With that being said, let’s get to it!

| Pitchers to Target in Cash Games

Noah Syndergaard – DraftKings: $12,300, FanDuel: $10,800 – New York Mets

It is official, Noah Syndergaard is back. After a series of starts plagued with ineffectiveness, he finally returned to the form in his last start against the San Francisco Giants. He pitched eight strong innings of two hit baseball, and he only threw 98 pitches, so he should be completely fresh for his start tonight. Tonight’s matchup is nothing compared to the Giants as he takes on the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies rank 29th in on base percentage, and 27th in weighted runs created plus against righties, so Syndergaard should be able to go deep in this game with ease. Syndergaard offers not only safety, but upside too, making him a great cash game play tonight.

Jameson Taillon – DraftKings: $9,900, FanDuel: $7,700 – Pittsburgh Pirates

In terms of safety, Jameson Taillon is the best option tonight. Not only has been ridiculously consistent (eight quality starts in a row), but he faces the Milwaukee Brewers who have the highest strikeout in the league against righties (25.4%). He is an elite points per dollar option at just $7,700 on FanDuel, and I would even play him over Noah Syndergaard as Taillon frees up $3,100 for elite hitters. Much like Syndergaard, Taillon has upside and safety, so he is a great cash game option.

| Pitchers to Target in Tournaments

Carlos Carrasco – DraftKings: $11,200, FanDuel: $10,400 – Cleveland Indians

If you plan on fading Noah Syndergaard, Carlos Carrasco is the guy I would look too. He has fantastic road splits, sporting a 1.74 earned run average, batting average against of .176, and a strikeout rate of 28.9%. While he is faced with the Texas Rangers in Arlington, it may not be as tough as it seems as they only have a weighted on base average of .320, and a wRC+ of 95. Also, Carrasco has been on a roll with with strikeouts lately, striking out at least eight in his last four starts. Carrasco is a great way to pivot off Syndergaard, and I expect another gem from him tonight.

Blake Snell – DraftKings: $7,600, FanDuel: $7,900 – Tampa Bay Rays

This more of a DraftKings play for me as Jameson Taillon is cheaper than Blake Snell on FanDuel, and Taillon has a higher ceiling than Snell. However, Snell interests me because he has a great strikeout rate, he is pitching on the road, and he faces the strikeout happy Houston Astros. While pitching on the road does not seem like an advantage, Snell has enjoyed pitching on the road with a 2.42 ERA, compared to a 3.66 home ERA. Even though the Astros have a righty dominant lineup, they have only posted mediocre stats against lefties, a .325 wOBA, 105 wRC+, and a 22.6% strikeout rate (seventh highest). He is coming off a rough start against the Boston Red Sox, but that is tough task for even the best pitchers in the league, and he should be able to bounce back tonight, and I expect a plethora of strikeouts from him tonight.

| Pitchers to Target Hitters Against

Brett Oberholtzer – Los Angeles Angels

If you have been reading my articles all season, you know I love to target the Detroit Tigers against lefties, and tonight is no different. Brett Oberholtzer is a mediocre lefty at best, surrendering a .391 wOBA, and a slugging percentage of .555. He also only has a strikeout rate of 15.8%, and a walk rate of 10.3%. A low strikeout rate combined with a high slugging percentage is a recipe for disaster, especially against a lineup plastered with elite right-handed bats. For a stack, I am going right to the top of this lineup, but I may throw in some Justin Upton as he has been mashing the ball lately.

Zach Neal – Oakland Athletics

Zach Neal is minimum priced for a reason, and he makes for a great stacking option against the St. Louis Cardinals. He has been pitiful against lefties this season, sporting a 3.4% strikeout rate, and a wOBA of .350. The Cardinals lineup is not exactly jam packed with lefties, but they have enough in there to make an impact tonight. His 7.23 ERA on the road also leads me to believe he should have an abbreviated outing tonight. The Cardinals have repeatedly found success against right-handed pitching this season, and they have another chance to smash this righty tonight.

That’s all I have for today, thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @ColemanBahr, good luck tonight!


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