Five Of The Best Non-NBA Basketball Players in the 2016 Olympics

Written by: Brandon Busuttil – Staff Writing Intern (@bbusuttil15)

 With the 2016 Olympics just ending,lets take a look at the best basketball players not on the USA roster.

Yi Jianlian

Jianlian plays for the Chinese national team, and has been absolutely dominant as a 6’11 center. This name may actually seem familiar, as he was a lottery pick in the NBA draft in 2007. He was selected 6 overall by the Milwaukee Bucks, and had a successful few years in the NBA playing for the already mentioned Bucks, New Jersey Nets, and Dallas Mavericks, before he fell off the map and decided that his talents would be best used back in China.

John Cox

I had no idea Kobe Bryant had a cousin. Cox plays his professional basketball overseas rather than in the NBA like his famous cousin. He plays in the top Euro League, which is the top basketball league, outside of the NBA. In the Olympics he represented Venezuela and was easily their best player, even at the age of 35. Cox was dominant most of the time on the floor for the Venezuelan national team, but unfortunately his talents will most likely never reach the NBA.

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Not Bojan Bogdanovic…this is Bogdan Bogdanovic. One of the best players on the Serbia national team, and one of the reasons why Serbia was so close to beating team USA during the Olympic games, although he was one of the reasons they lost the game as well. Bogdanovic plays his professional basketball in the Turkish Basketball Super League. He was drafted in 2014 into the NBA by the Phoenix Suns, but has failed to play in the NBA, and currently has his rights handed over to the Sacramento Kings. He currently averages a double-double in the Euro League, and his seen as one of the most elite players.

Chamberlain Oguchi

I don’t think a lot of people liked this guy, but I sure did. He showed so much heart when playing for the Nigerian national team, and he was always trying to create something out of nothing, which seemed to work. The man has been through a whirlwind of teams. He played NCAA D1 in the United States for Oregon and Illinois State. He has played overseas and in the NBA D-League only to end up currently playing in the Polish Basketball League. He was fun to watch in the Rio Olympics.

Facundo Campazzo

A guy who alongside Ginobli was part of Argentina’s success in this years Olympic games. Campazzo is the future of Argentina basketball, and is the key to Argentina having a successful national team in the coming years. He started his professional career in Argentina being the top rookie, and has won Euro League once he took his talents to Real Madrid. He is playing on one of the top European basketball teams, and being only 25, he has an exciting future ahead of him. Possibly even an NBA future.


1 comment on “Five Of The Best Non-NBA Basketball Players in the 2016 Olympics

  1. Nice one.

    Maybe you should add some updates to the article. I think some of them got a guaranteed NBA contract now.

    Let me add something about Campazzo: He’s bold and has a strong personality. May he succeed or not at the NBA, he’s tough enough to face the pressure and competitive requirements.

    Just out f curiosity… aside NBA past season guys (Ricky Rubio/Pau Gasol/Calderón)… Who do you think would be the most interesting spanish player for the League? Claver? Willy? Sergio Rodríguez? Llull? Another one?…


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