Three MLB Waiver Wire Trade Possibilities

Written by: Tre LyDay – Staff Writing Intern (@trelyday03)

The non-waiver trade deadline has come and gone, and presented us with some major trades. Every player has to be placed on waivers from August 1st till the end of the season. If a player is claimed then he can be traded. Here’s some players that could be traded before the end of the season.

| Brian McCann

There was a chance a few weeks ago that the Yankees would move McCann back to his original team the Braves a couple of weeks ago, but nothing ever came to fruition. More than likely the Yankees will move him in the off-season, but the Yankees could move him before the end of the season. With Austin Romine and top prospect Gary Sanchez on the roster the Yankees are just about set at catcher. McCann is under contract until 2019, and is owed nearly 50 million. Not to mention the Braves are opening their new park in 2017, so wouldn’t it be nice if Braves fans got to see a familiar face. In return the Yankees could look for someone to replace Chase Headley at third base in Austin Riley.

| Travis d’Arnaud

Travis d’Arnaud was also on the trading block when the Mets were trying to acquire Jonathan Lucroy. Interestingly enough he was the most notable player of the Mets to be placed on revocable waivers. The Mets bullpen has really been struggling lately. Mostly notably Jeurys Familia blowing his save streak. Sure enough that’s where they’ll look first. Either that or they’ll look for another right handed bat, because their lineup is predominately left handed. The Mets are somehow still in playoff contention, because the rest of the National League wants to make sure we have a fantastic finish at the end of the year. I think if the Mets could get themselves a right handed bat that can actually hit with RISP, the Mets could find a way back into the playoffs.

| Jeremy Hellickson

The guy that everyone including myself thought would be traded is still on the Phillies. Shocking right? Well this why we have waiver trades. Hellickson will almost assuredly be claimed, and the Phillies will be faced with the decision to either once again hold onto Hellickson or trade him. I think this time around the Phillies could actually trade him. Obviously the Marlins were in contention for Hellickson during the trade deadline, unfortunately for them, they’re going to have to hope he falls to them on the waiver order. I can’t see any way that Hellickson is claimed and traded before the end of the season. He’s owed seven million this year, and in the final year of his deal. The Marlins would love nothing more than for Hellickson to fall into their laps, and boost their chances at a playoff spot.


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