One Final Standoff: The Joey Bosa Experience

Written by: Joshua A. Guelda – Staff Writing Intern (@JAGbaggage)

The San Diego Chargers and first-round pick Joey Bosa have not been in contact since July 28th, Adam Schefter of reports. Meanwhile, Bosa remains the only unsigned rookie in this year’s draft class.

San Diego is no stranger to first-round holdouts. Philip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson and Shawne Merriman each had lengthy negotiations with the Bolts, before eventually signing their rookie deals. However, that was when rookie contract holdouts were pedestrian. Under the current CBA, rookie holdouts are now fairly uncommon. Even the stingiest of negotiations typically end around midsummer, before training camp. Like two alley cats circling one another and neither side willing to play middle-man-Dan, it appears this standoff between the Chargers and Joey Bosa is far from over.

The Chargers have until later today to trade Bosa’s rights, but a source tells Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that it’s highly unlikely any team retained enough rookie pool space to harbor his plush contract.

In order for Bosa to agree to the “offset language,” agent Todd France reportedly wants the Chargers to pay the 21-year-old his entire signing bonus (approximately $17million) in 2016. Of course, San Diego would rather wait until next March to disperse a significant portion of Bosa’s bonus. As it stands, the Chargers want to give the third overall pick roughly 61 percent of his signing bonus in 2016. Ironically enough, this is the same payout schedule the Dallas Cowboys agreed to with their fourth overall selection Ezekiel Elliott, Bosa’s teammate at Ohio State.

It’s worth noting that there is no financial pressure on Bosa to collect an NFL check. Joey Bosa, son of former Dolphins defensive tackle John Bosa, comes from a privileged family where money is not a high priority. Theoretically, Bosa could comfortably survive a year-long holdout if he wanted to re-enter next year’s draft pool. Nevertheless, if he does not sign by the Tuesday following Week 10, Bosa will officially be ineligible to play at all during the 2016 season.


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