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Daily Fantasy MLB Baseball: Pitching Preview for DraftKings and FanDuel – 8.8.16

Written by: Coleman Bahr – Staff Writing Intern (@ColemanBahr)

We have a nine game slate ahead of us, and I am going to go a little bit more in depth than usual today. In this article, I am going to preview every starting pitcher taking the mound today in hopes to really help you hone in on which pitchers to select. With that being said, let’s get to it!

| Pitchers to Target in Cash Games

Jose Fernandez – DraftKings: $12,800, FanDuel: $10,900 – Miami Marlins

Jose Fernandez is an auto play nearly every time he takes the mound at home, and tonight is no different. Do not overthink this one, Jose Fernandez is the obvious cash game play, even with his tough matchup against the San Francisco Giants.

Zach Davies – DraftKings: $8,600, FanDuel: $8,200 – Milwaukee Brewers

Zach Davies has not allowed more than three runs in a start since June, and he has an easy matchup against the Atlanta Braves tonight. He also profiles well with his pitch types, the only bat I am worried about is Freddie Freeman who has crushed the two seam fastball this season.

| Pitchers to Target for Salary Relief

Julio Urias- DraftKings: $6,800 FanDuel: 7,000- Los Angeles Dodgers

I love this play in tournaments as Julio Urias has a 32% strikeout rate at home, and the Phillies are one of the worst teams in the league against southpaws. Also, Urias’ worst, and second most used pitch this season has been his curveball, however the Phillies only have two players who should crack the lineup with a pitch value above 1.0 against that pitch.

Colin McHugh – DraftKings: $6,000, FanDuel: $8,000 – Houston Astros

Colin McHugh has only allowed more than three earned runs two of his last ten starts, but he faces the Minnesota Twins who have been crushing the ball lately. However, I can give him a go for tournaments on DraftKings for just $6,000 as a salary relief option.

Kendall Graveman – DraftKings: $5,200, FanDuel: $5,700 – Oakland Athletics

Kendall Graveman has a 2.92 earned run average at home, but it is still hard to like him against the sweet swinging Baltimore Orioles. However, Graveman has an impressive 55.6% groundball rate to right-handed bats, and the Orioles have a 22.3% strikeout rate against righties, so Graveman has deep tournament consideration.

| Pitchers to Stack Hitters Against

Tyler Duffey – DraftKings: $4,000, FanDuel: $5,500 – Minnesota Twins

This is my top stack of the night as Tyler Duffey has been obliterated by right handed bats. Against righties he has given up a .415 weighted on base average (wOBA), and a .609 slugging percentage, along with a .327 batting average. If I had to make a stack I would look right to the top of the lineup as they will have the most at bats against this struggling righty.

Cody Reed – DraftKings: $6,400, FanDuel: $5,600 – Cincinnati Reds

This is another stacking option for tonight as Cody Reed has been crushed by right-handed bats, and I expect the Cardinals to throw out around seven righties. Reed has allowed a .408 wOBA, and a .591 slugging percentage to righties, so the Cardinals should have no issues pounding out some extra base hits tonight.

Hisashi Iwakuma – DraftKings: $7,300, FanDuel: $8,400 – Seattle Mariners

Hisashi Iwakuma has been all over the place this season consistency wise, and it makes him really hard to get behind, especially against the red hot Detroit Tigers. The Tigers have been firing on all cylinders offensively, and they could possibly make for a sneaky stacking option tonight.

| The Rest

Jake Odorizzi – DraftKings: $9,900, FanDuel: $8,400 – Tampa Bay Rays

Jake Odorizzi has not allowed a run since July 17 th , but I see that streak coming to an end today. Not only does he have a tough matchup against the Toronto Blue Jays, but he has poor away splits, and he also has reverse splits against a righty dominant Blue Jays lineup.

Johnny Cueto – DraftKings: $12,400, FanDuel: $10,700 – San Francisco Giants

Johnny Cueto is only $200 cheaper than Jose Fernandez on FanDuel, and $400 cheaper on DraftKings, so purely based on the upside of each pitcher, Jose Fernandez is the easy play at this price range.

R.A Dickey – DraftKings: $6,600, FanDuel: $7,400 – Toronto Blue Jays

R.A Dickey is one of the hardest pitchers to predict because of his knuckleball, so I will pass on him today. However, he is not the worst you can do against the Tampa Bay Rays who have the second highest strikeout rate over the past 14 days.

Rob Whalen – DraftKings: $4,000, FanDuel: $6,500 – Atlanta Braves

Rob Whalen only has one big league start under his belt, and he pitched five innings, allowing four runs in that start against the Pittsburgh Pirates last week. He had a low swinging strike rate in the minors, so I am not looking to target him for strikeouts, I am also not stacking the Brewers either, but they have some interesting plays in Ryan Braun, and Chris Carter.

Michael Wacha – DraftKings: $6,500, FanDuel: $7,300 – St. Louis Cardinals

This is a very unappealing option all around, Michael Wacha has a mediocre strikeout rate, and it is hard to like his matchup against the Cincinnati Reds who have been seeing the ball pretty well lately. There is just other options out there that provide more upside, and safety than Wacha tonight.

Cole Hamels – DraftKings: $8,200, FanDuel: $8,400 – Texas Rangers

Cole Hamels takes his talents to Coors Field tonight, and it is just hard to like any pitcher in this little league park. The risk does not outweigh the upside in this situation, and I will be passing on Hamels for tonight.

Tyler Anderson – DraftKings: $6,100, FanDuel: $6,300 – Colorado Rockies

Much like Hamels, I cannot get behind Tyler Anderson solely due to the ballpark. Even at this price tag, I prefer Colin McHugh on DraftKings, and Brandon McCarthy on FanDuel at a similar price.

Kevin Gausman – DraftKings: $8,500, FanDuel: $8,300 – Baltimore Orioles

Selecting Kevin Gausman today is an absolute trap, trust me. Yes, he is coming off of a brilliant performance against the Texas Rangers, but the Oakland Athletics can limit a pitchers upside like no other team can. The A's own an 18.4% strikeout rate against righties, and Gausman is certainly no strikeout phenom.

Michael Fulmer – DraftKings: $8,900, FanDuel: $8,400 – Detroit Tigers

I cannot get behind Michael Fulmer because of his matchup against the lefty-dominant Seattle Mariners. Michael Fulmer has not been anything special against lefties with a `15.6% strikeout rate, and a fairly high 8.8% walk rate.

Zach Eflin – DraftKings: $6,300, FanDuel: $5,700 – Philadelphia Phillies

Zach Eflin has been pummeled against left-handed bats this year, and unfortunately for him the Los Angeles Dodgers have lefties in abundance. Eflin has only struck out 7.6% of lefties, while allowing a slugging percentage of .523, so if anything, I am looking to the Dodgers lefties in this one.

While this article has been a little wordy, it really helped me concentrate my thoughts for tonight’s slate, and hopefully you feel the same! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @ColemanBahr, good luck tonight!


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