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Daily Fantasy MLB Baseball: Pitching Preview for DraftKings and FanDuel – 8.4.16

Written by: Coleman Bahr – Staff Writing Intern (@ColemanBahr)

We have a seven game slate ahead of us, and I am going to go a little bit more in depth than usual today. In this article, I am going to preview every starting pitcher taking the mound today in hopes to really help you hone in on which pitchers to select. With that being said, let’s get to it!

| Tournament Pitchers

J.A Happ – DraftKings: $11,600, FanDuel: $9,100 – Toronto Blue Jays

I usually would fade J.A Happ on a regular day, but today’s pitching is pitiful, so I will be using him tournaments, and he has been on fire lately, allowing no more than three runs since June 28th. However, the Houston Astros are certainly no pushover, but they have mainly righties, and Happ strikes out 22.2% of righties, compared to 15.35% of lefties, so he should be able to pick up a few extra strikeouts because of that.

Drew Pomeranz – DraftKings: $9,400, FanDuel: $9,600 – Boston Red Sox

At first, I had no interest in Drew Pomeranz, and then I took a look at the other pitching options, and Drew Pomeranz actually looks to be one of the better options taking the mound tonight. He has a tough matchup against the Seattle Mariners, and they have mainly left-handed bats giving Pomeranz a slight advantage. However, he has actually had more problems with lefties than righties this season with a higher batting average agaiinst (BAA), and weighted on base average (wOBA) to lefties, but a higher strikeout rate to righties. He makes an interesting tournament option for tonight due to his strikeout upside, but he is too risky for cash games in my opinion.

|Pitchers for Salary Relief

Bartolo Colon – DraftKings: $6,600, FanDuel: $7,000 – New York Mets

Bartolo Colon basically only throws a two seam fastball, and he is dang good at it. Luckily for him, he faces the New York Yankees who only have Jacoby Ellsbury, and Brian McCann who profile well against that pitch. Colon is not a big strike out guy, but he does offer salary relief on an ugly pitching slate.

Jesse Hahn – DraftKings: $4,400, FanDuel: $7,000 – Oakland Athletics

Jesse Hahn is in a somewhat appealing spot, surprisingly. He is absolutely terrible against lefties (.359 BAA), but he plays the Los Angeles Angels who will only throw out about three lefties at most. He does not strike out many people, but he is interesting on DraftKings for just $4,400, however on FanDuel he is a complete fade for me.

| Pitchers to Stack Against

Ariel Miranda – DraftKings: $4,000, FanDuel: $6,000 – Seattle Mariners

Ariel Miranda is making his first major league start tonight, however it may not be a long one against the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox have the third highest wOBA, and the second highest walk to strikeout ratio against southpaws this season. I don’t expect Miranda to last long in this one, and the Red Sox will be a chalky stacking option tonight.

Tyrell Jenkins – DraftKings: $4,700, FanDuel: $6,200 – Atlanta Braves

I am stacking against Tyrell Jenkins tonight, he has a walk rate higher than his strikeout rate, and he has been getting stroked by lefties and righties pretty equally. I am actually looking at the righties for a stack though as he has given up more extra base hits to righties so far in 2016.

Mike Leake – DraftKings: $6,900, FanDuel: $7,900 – St. Louis Cardinals

Mike Leake has been terrible lately, allowing 13 runs over his last two starts, only picking up seven strikeouts in the process. He faces off against the Cincinnati Reds who have been mashing the ball lately with the fifth highest wRC+ in the last 14 days. The Reds could offer a sneaky stacking option with the top of the lineup.

| The Rest

Ricky Nolasco – DraftKings: $5,600, FanDuel: $6,200 – Los Angeles Angels

Ricky Nolasco faces the Oakland Athletics, and he is completely uninteresting to me. He has a low strikeout rate of 17.7%, and the A’s only have a strikeout rate of 18.4% against righties (4th lowest). He also has an ERA above 5.00, so I am not expecting a quality start or anything above five strikeouts from him tonight.

A.J Griffin – DraftKings: $5,900, FanDuel: $7,200 – Texas Rangers

A.J Griffin has been smashed by lefties this year, and he has shut down righties, even though his stats say he should be getting smashed by both sides of the plate fairly equally. It is hard to love pitchers against the Baltimore Orioles, and Griffin is a fade for me tonight.

Wade Miley – DraftKings: $6,700, FanDuel: $7,200 – Baltimore Orioles

Why is Wade Miley priced so high today? He had been absolutely terrible this year, and the trade will not help him any. Tonight he has a tough matchup in the Texas Rangers, and if anything I am stacking against Miley tonight.

Ryan Vogelsong – DraftKings: $7,500, FanDuel: $6,800 – Pittsburgh Pirates

Ryan Vogelsong is making his first appearance since heading to the DL, and I am not looking to use him in any format, despite his soft matchup. He has been pummeled by lefties (.450 wOBA), and I think he is going to be mainly used as a reliever in the long run, so the Pirates should not feel too hesitant to go to the bullpen early tonight.

Mike Fiers – DraftKings: $6,500, FanDuel: $7,700 – Houston Astros

Mike Fiers has a tough challenge in front of him with the Toronto Blue Jays who can flat out hit the ball. They are one of the elite slugging teams in the league, and I think Fiers’ floor is simply not worth the risk tonight. He has low strikeout upside, and the Blue Jays could easily pop a few dingers, so he is a fade for me tonight.

Kenta Maeda – DraftKings: $6,700, FanDuel: $7,500 – Los Angeles Dodgers

It is hard to like a pitcher at Coors, and that is the case here. I do not want to get to cute with pitching today, so Coors will not be a place to look for me tonight.

Tyler Chatwood- DraftKings: $5,700 FanDuel: $7,100- Colorado Rockies

Tyler Chatwood is very good when he is not at Coors, unfortunately he is at Coors today so I won’t even think of using him in any format. The floor is simply too low for him too even be considered on a crappy pitching day like today.

While this article has been a little wordy, it really helped me concentrate my thoughts for tonight’s slate, and hopefully you feel the same! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @ColemanBahr, good luck tonight!


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