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Daily Fantasy MLB Baseball: Weekend Warriors – Hot or Not Trends for the Weekend

Written by: Brandon Busuttil – Staff Writing Intern (@bbusuttil15)

A look into the hottest and coldest plays in the MLB going into the weekend.


Cincinnati Reds

Looking at the Reds on paper, they are a team that is not supposed to hit the ball well and come up with big games. But there is not a night that goes by that you just can’t consider any of the Reds. Two of them in particular, are having a fantastic week, coming into the weekend. Jay Bruce is almost unstoppable right now (except for last night). Although Bruce went 0-4 with just a single RBI last night, he has been one of the hottest plays coming into the weekend. He has registered 6 homeruns, 14 RBI’s and managing a .321 batting average through the week. With a great matchup against the Padres this weekend, whom struggle with pitching, I think Bruce and the Reds have to be considered when making your DFS lines. That isn’t the only Reds player who has been on fire; don’t forget the 1st basemen Joey Votto. Votto has hit a .425 batting average this week with 2 homeruns and 5 RBI’s. Even at Petco Park you have to look at the Reds, and could win you a nice GPP too as I see them being low owned.

Miguel Cabrera

The Tigers have been scoring a lot of runs this week, and they had a wild game yesterday as well. Although Cabrera was not a part of the homerun hitters last night, but still happened to go 1-3 with 2 RBI’s. This past week he has been hitting a .435 with 2 homeruns and 8 RBI’s. Cabrera and the Tigers will be facing the lower end of the pitching spectrum of the Houston Astros, and should be rostered in line-ups because of this.


Derek Dietrich

For someone that sometimes hits higher in the batting order, they have been a buzz kill for the Marlins for this past week. With 30 RBI’s on the season, you would think Dietrich adds at least some value, but in the past week Dietrich has only been able to register 1 RBI and it was on a sacrifice fly. Other than that Dietrich has not registered one hit. The pitchers for the Cardinals have been lighting it up lately, and I think it is safe to say to only roster Dietrich in GPP’s this weekend.


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