The Top-Five Potential Landing Spots for Russell Westbrook

Written by: Brandon Busuttil – Staff Writing Intern (@bbusuttil15)

This has been one of the craziest off-seasons in the recent years of the NBA. A lot of people going a lot of places. With Kevin Durant leaving the Thunder and leaving behind Russell Westbrook, it leaves us to wonder if Westbrook is going to be leaving as well.

With that said, where could Westbrook go and what places are showing the most interest?

| Boston Celtics

The Celtics have publicly displayed a lot of interest in Westbrook. They are really trying to build something special in Boston, and they think adding Westbrook would be what sets them over the edge as true NBA Champion favorites.

The main problem with the Celtics, is they have also expressed that they are not exactly wanting to give up any of those big pieces they already have. And why would they? Bradley, Crowder, Thomas, Horford, and Smart, all big time players whom make this team very scary, even without Westbrook. Although, this would be more than ideal to not lose any of these players to get Westbrook it is highly unlikely…unless the Celtics are thinking about 2017 free agency…

That’s scary to think about.

| Los Angeles Lakers

This is just a rumor and it was reported that the Lakers are more interested in trying to get Westbrook during the 2017 free agency period than trading for him. But if for some reason a trade were to happen, you can imagine a player of the likes of D’Angelo Russell would be involved in it. I think this is more of a thing where the Lakers are very interested in Westbrook, but Westbrook is not expressing that high interest back (at least until the end of the season). Westbrook is getting the interest of the Lakers because he would be someone the Lakers bring in with a high level of experience, and with a superstar status that can lead a young Lakers team.

| Atlanta Hawks

It has been evident for a few weeks now that Millsap is going to be traded by the Hawks, the question is to where? With the loss of Teague, it would make sense for the Thunder to go after Millsap while getting rid of Westbrook. Hawks need a point guard, and the Thunder need a change now that the Westbrook/Durant duo is over with. From the sounds of things, it seems like Westbrook will not be ending up at the Hawks, but you never know!

| San Antonio Spurs

The big three from the Spurs is slowly depleting now that Duncan finally called it quits. Next we will see Ginobli and Parker go soon enough. The Spurs will need someone to take over and take some of the weight off of Kawhi Leonard’s back when that happens. Westbrook loves winning, and wants to be competing for a championship every year. What better place to put him in, than one of the most successful NBA franchises in recent years? I am sure Spurs can offer a number of young players to the Thunder if this trade were to go through, and I don’t think Westbrook would hesitate packing his bags to Texas either.

| Oklahoma City Thunder

I have no idea what will happening in free agency come 2017, but I have a pretty good idea that for this upcoming season Russell Westbrook is not going anywhere. It seems that the Thunder are willing to build around Westbrook and have him be the man to lead this Thunder team to where it was last season even without Durant. The Thunder were willing to do everything it took to keep Durant in OKC, they did this by acquiring Victor Oladipo, and I think the Thunder will do a lot to keep Westbrook around too.

I still can’t say what will happen come free agency, but for now, I think we see Westbrook stay in Oklahoma City, unless there is a trade with the right price and the right players.


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