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Daily Fantasy MLB Baseball: Pitching Preview for DraftKings and FanDuel – 7.27.16

Written by: Coleman Bahr – Staff Writing Intern (@ColemanBahr)

We have a full day of baseball ahead of us, and there are tons of pitchers that I can get behind today.In this article I am going to preview the top cash, and tournament pitchers, along with a few pitchers I am going to be targeting hitters against. With that being said, let’s get to it!

Madison Bumgarner – DraftKings: $13,200 FanDuel: $11,800 – San Francisco Giants

Madison Bumgarner is the most expensive option on both sites tonight, and he is definitely worth it. Today he faces off against the Cincinnati Reds who are a bottom ten team against lefties, so his matchup makes him an easy cash game play. The Reds rank in the bottom ten against lefties in batting average, weighted on base average (wOBA), weighted runs created plus (wRC+), and they also have the eight highest strikeout rate. Bumgarner is the easy cash game play today, and he should easily be the highest owned pitcher today with good reason.

James Paxton – DraftKings: $7,600 FanDuel: $6,900 – Seattle Mariners

James Paxton finally got his strikeouts back last start, striking out nine, after striking out only five batters in the previous three starts combined. I love his matchup against the Pittsburgh Pirates who have the highest strikeout rate in the league against lefties. If Paxton can find his strikeout pitch in this one, I expect to strike out close to ten batters, and he should have no problem hitting value at his extremely generous price tag. The Pirates do have some pop throughout their lineup which is why I am limiting my exposure for him to tournaments only, but if he can hold it down, he is a great place to turn for ace like upside at a mid-tier price tag.

Brandon McCarthy – DraftKings: $10,800 FanDuel: $8,000 – Los Angeles Dodgers

I like McCarthy tons more on FanDuel where he is almost $3,000 cheaper, if you want to pay up for him on DraftKings I do not see the logic behind it as Strasburg is $200 cheaper. However, McCarthy has shown some fantastic strikeout stuff on a limited sample size this season, and he gets one of the worst teams in the major leagues tonight in the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays have lost 28 of their last 35 games, and if that’s not demoralizing, then I don’t know what is. They have struggled both offensively and defensively in that stretch, and I do not for see it improving any time soon. They have the fifth highest strikeout rate against righties, and that will only help McCarthy’s 32.1% strikeout rate this season. Again, I wouldn’t recommend using him on DraftKings, but on FanDuel he is an absolute steal.

| Pitchers to Target Hitters Against

Eduardo Rodriguez – Boston Red Sox

One of the worst pitchers against right-handed hitters against a team that will only start righties? Yes please! Eduardo Rodriguez has surrendered a .383 wOBA, and a .305 isolated power (ISO) to righties. The Tigers also profile very well against the pitches he throws, and for stacking purposes you can talk me into any hitter that they throw out there tonight. However the top bats against lefties this season are Cameron Maybin, Ian Kinsler, Victor Martinez, and Nick Castellanos.

Anthony Ranaudo – Chicago White Sox

There is a reason Anthony Ranuado is the cheapest pitcher on both sites tonight, he is just terrible at pitching on the major league level. Ranaudo has allowed similar batting averages to both sides of the plate at .254 to lefties and .257 to righties for his career, but the slugging numbers vastly differ with lefties slugging .474, while righties have crushed him to the tune of a .523 slugging percentage. Today he faces his cross-town rival, the Chicago Cubs who have plenty of elite hitters up and down their lineup. For a stack, I am going right to the heart of this order with Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell, and Javier Baez. This may be a bullpen game for the White Sox as Ranaudo should get rocked early and often tonight.

That’s all I have for today, thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @ColemanBahr, good luck tonight!


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