The National Football League’s Top-Ten Fanbases

Written by: Jack Day – Staff Writing Intern (@GrandstandDay)

10)   Baltimore Ravens– The Ravens have only been around for twenty years, but they have built a dedicated fan base. Winning two Super Bowls in the team’s young history has certainly helped created a strong following of fans.  The Ravens are also involved in one of the toughest divisions in football, creating great rivalries between the Steelers and Bengals.

9)         Denver Broncos–  The Broncos are high up in TV ratings, merchandise sales, and stadium attendance, but still do not match the top teams on this list with loyalty. The Denver fans have had a good team to watch in the last few years, and those old enough to have witnessed John Elway play were able to witness one of the all time greats.  The Super Bowl that Peyton Manning and Elway have been able to bring to Denver have helped create a better fan base.

8)         Oakland Raiders–  Being a Raiders fan has been a difficult task since the team lost Super Bowl XXXVII. Not to mention, the fans have to deal with the consistent talks of moving teams, and having to share their stadium with the Oakland A’s.  But through all of that, the Black hole shows up on game day and gets rowdy.  Many fans from other fan bases are scared to go and support their own team in Oakland, because of how crazy the fans are.

7)         New Orleans Saints– The Saints rank in the top-five for loudest stadiums in the NFL, with some help from their home stadium. The Mercedes-Benz Superdome bounces sound right back off the walls and roof.  The famous “who dat, who dat say they gonna beat dem Saints” is one of the most well known chants in all of the NFL.

6)         Philadelphia Eagles– The Eagles have one of the most loyal fan bases in the NFL, sticking by their team through thick and thin. The Eagles have one of the highest attendance rates for home games in the NFL. Eagles fans love their team, and they show it by getting rowdy for their team on Sundays.

5)         Seattle Seahawks– The Seahawks fan base is the loudest in the NFL, even if they have been accused of pumping false noise into the stadium.  The Seattle fans are known as the 12’s, or 12th man because of how loud they are during game time. The fan base gives the Hawks a clear home field advantage, triggering more false starts than any other team since 2005.

4)         Dallas Cowboys– The Cowboys have the nickname “America’s team” for a reason.  There are bandwagon Cowboys’ fans everywhere in America, some who have never even been in the state of Texas.  They have the most expensive stadium in the NFL, making fans from all around want to witness a game in Dallas.  The Cowboys are one of the most drama filled teams in the NFL, and that starts right at the top with owner Jerry Jones.  Maybe someday, ESPN will run a reality TV show on the lives of people within the Dallas organization.

3)        Pittsburgh Steelers–  The Steelers have six Super Bowl wins in their team’s history, ranking #1 in the NFL. The Pittsburgh locals love supporting their team on Sundays, waving their terrible towels all throughout the stadium.  Not only are the local fans crazy about their team, but they have a very large bandwagon fan base across the United States, helping them rank in the top ten with merchandise sales.

2)         New England Patriots– The Patriots have been a fairly easy fan base for the Boston natives to thrive on, winning four Super Bowls in the last 20 years.  Tom Brady has given the Boston area their golden-boy quarterback that the fan base loves, and will stick up for through thick and thin.

1)         Green Bay Packers–  The Packers fan base is something truly special to the NFL. They are the only fan base that is owned entirely by the people, instead of being a private business.  The Packers are the heart and soul of the state of Wisconsin.  The fan base is so crazy that they have a waiting list to get some season tickets that last up to 955 years of waiting.  If that is not loyalty, then what is?  The Packer fan base also has some of the coolest traditions in NFL history, including the cheese-head hat, and the Lambeau Leap.



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