Top MLB Prospects to Watch in the Second Half

Written by: Tre LyDay – Staff Writing Intern (@trelyday03)

Coming out of the All-Star Break teams are looking teams that are in the hunt are looking to bolster their roster. Some by trade, but others from within. Last year Carlos Correa was the call up of the year for the Astros, and he helped lead the Astros to a Playoff berth. Here’s five guys that could help their squad get into the playoffs.

| Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge is currently hurt, and on the Minor League DL with a knee injury. It’s just a mild PCL sprain so it won’t sideline him for an extended period of time, but it could delay a potential call up. He could definitely be crucial for the Yankees. Alex Rodriguez is nowhere near cutting it, and Carlos Beltran’s health should be a top priority if the Yankees want to make a playoff run. Judge can play in RF, and DH when needed to. More to the point the kid has Giancarlo Stanton type power, and can launch one at a moment’s notice. Seeing as the Yankees rely heavily on the homerun ball; having Judge in the lineup could prove to be crucial protection behind Beltran. Who knows maybe Teixeira can protect Judge.

| Yoan Moncada

It’s hard to believe that an offense like the Red Sox can use something a little extra. We all know how good Moncada is. The fifth ranked prospect is nothing short of spectacular, and could be an insurance policy for the Sox should Pedroia or along the infield anyone hurt. Even if no one were to get hurt he’d still be a valuable asset. He plays second base so obviously there’s not a lot of room for him on the infield, but everyone needs a day off every now and again; that and the fact he can run as well.

| Trea Turner

The Nationals top prospect has struggled for most of the last year and a half trying to find a spot on the roster, but now it looks like he could have a spot. He was called up earlier this year, but got sent back down a few days later. The Nationals sent him down to learn to play Center Field. Obviously enough there’s not much room along the infield for him. The Nats don’t get much production from center, and Turner is their top prospect. You don’t just leave your top prospect in the minors when you can find use for him. Nats call him up, play him in center, and provide some offensive production while Zimmerman is on the DL. Nationals also have the added benefit that he can obviously play the infield as well.

| Alex Reyes

Reyes is currently in AAA for the Cardinals. He’s their top prospect and the number three RHP pitching prospect. I’ve noted before that one of the main plagues the Cards have is their pitching. After Carlos Martinez they aren’t getting much consistency from the starting rotation. He’s got a plus fastball, with a plus curveball. Ideally the Cardinals might like a lefty, but they need someone to spark this rotation that has been subpar to put it lightly. Hopefully if he were to get called up for the second half he can cut down on his walks. In his 41.1 innings this year he’s walked 20 people.

| Jose De Leon

Jose De Leon might be the Dodgers best kept secret. He was Julio Urias’s running mate back in Oklahoma City. The Dodgers number two prospect has a plus fastball and an above average changeup. Urias is on an innings limit, but De Leon is not. The Dodgers are slowly but surely getting guys back from injury, but I’d imagine they want to keep them healthy. Case in point Clayton Kershaw who’s currently on the DL. The Dodgers may want to expand their rotation a little bit, to keep those coming back from injury healthy for the home stretch, and De Leon could be their guy, and still not lose any production.


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