2016 MLB All-Star Game Snubs

Written by: Tre LyDay – Staff Writing Intern (@trelyday03)

It’s the same story every year. We sit, and await the announcement of the All-Star starters, and every year I wonder why we still allow fans to vote the starters in, because they get it wrong every year. There’s no reason for the Cubs to have their entire infield plus Dexter Fowler starting this year. I can name multiple people who are more deserving, but we’ll come back to that. First here are some guys that I think were snubbed this year.

Nelson Cruz: One of favorite guys, and it’s weird not seeing him on this years roster. He’s put together a fine season. A season that’s better than Jackie Bradley Jr. He’s got a line of .281/.365/.545 with a .910 OPS. The only reason JBJ is starting is, because fans hopped on his bandwagon during his 29 game hit streak. He’s totally killed lefties this year with a line of .320/.395/.740 with an OPS of 1.192, I mean those numbers are through the roof. Seeing as Cano got in I’m having a hard time believing Cruz isn’t in.

Kyle Seager: Keeping up with the Seattle Mariners theme, it must be a west coast thing, because they’re not getting any love. Kyle is being overshadowed by his little brother, no not Justin Seager, Corey Seager. It seems everyone’s missing the fact the Kyle has 16 homeruns and 54 RBI to go along with his .879 OPS. And he does what Cruz does lefties, but to righties. A .320/.410/.606 with a 1.016 OPS, but I guess we missed that.

Jean Segura: I just can’t wrap my head around how we missed him even as a reserve. With a line of .318/.362/.444, his batting average has spent all of less than a week under .300 the entire season. He’s upped his game from last year, he had 188 total bases last year in 142 games, this year he already 151 total bases in just 81 games. Jake Lamb snuck into the final vote, but Segura is left of the sidelines, and he’s definitely deserving of a spot.

DJ LeMahieu: He got in last year, because of an injury, but he was deserving regardless. He’s deserving this year. Let’s not forget he’s an elite second baseman with a line .322/.388/.489, and he’s 12th in the National League in hits with 90. He’s even missed parts of the last two weeks with a knee injury. He’s got a gold glove, and he’s on his way to another, because he’s only got five errors this year. Maybe the Cubs shouldn’t have traded him back in 2011.

Christian Yelich: I could go on for days about this one. The most consistent Marlin all year, and a guy I’ve vouched for all season. With a line of .314/.397/.864 he’s been the staple of consistency for that lineup. He’s tied for sixth in the National League with 22 doubles, and his BABIP is a whopping .385. Marcell Ozuna, who leads the entire Marlins squad in just about every major offensive category got in as a reserve, so why shouldn’t Yelich?

I said we’d get back to people more deserving of starting spots so let’s get to that. Jackie Bradley Jr. is starting after everyone hopped on the bandwagon during his long hit streak. Just to make this quick, every single outfielder on the reserve squad is more deserving than JBJ. I’m more iffy on the National League starters.

Like I said there’s no reason the entire Cubs infield along with Fowler should be starting. Royals fans tried that last year, and almost succeeded, but Cubs fans did. Addison Russell is starting, and I guess people forgot that Corey Seager resides in the National League as well. Addison Russell is only hitting .242/.318/.399. Corey Seager on the other hand is hitting .305/.363/.540. I’m no math major, but it looks like Seager is having a better year. Even though Trevor Story has struck out a whopping 106 times he’s still statistically having a better season than Russell.

Ben Zobrist is the starting second baseman. I just reeled off DJ LeMehieu’s numbers on why he got snubbed. I also reeled off Jean Segura’s numbers so we don’t need to go into that any further. Dexter Fowler who’s currently on the shelf with a hamstring injury, and won’t be back before the break. So he’s not going to start, but you know who should start Carlos Gonzalez, who’s known to have these hitting binges, but this one is lasting the entire season. He’s got a line of .317/.366/.561 with a .927 OPS.



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