UEFA Euro 2016 Semifinals – Portugal vs. Wales Preview and Betting Tips

Written by: Brandon Busuttil – Staff Writing Intern (@bbusuttil15)

Portugal vs. Wales

Did anyone predict that this would be a semi-final matchup in this years UEFA Euro? I highly doubt it. This game comes down to who wants it more.

Portugal comes into this game, still not winning a game in this knockout stage in the first 90 minutes, but somehow clawing out victories in extra time/penalties. In my opinion, Portugal should have been eliminated a long time ago, but they somehow are holding it together. Ronaldo showed a little more life last game, but still is far to what I expected him to perform in this tournament. Portugal will really have to show some creativity and dominance in order to get past a Wales team, that has been shocking the world. Wales comes into this match with a very impressive, high scoring win, against the 2nd ranked Belgium team. Wales will be missing a few players, Davies and Ramsey, but I do not expect that to hinder Wales at all. It may take a little bit of creativity away, but still nothing too worrisome for this team. For this game, I think it comes down to who wants to win…who is going to step up on the bigger stage?

On paper, Portugal should have this game in the bag. But, if you haven’t been able to tell yet, this tournament has been far from being played and following what paper statistics say. Wales is playing with extreme confidence, and although Portugal’s defense has been able to keep up with every team and hold teams at bay. Not Wales. Wales doesn’t seem to be scared of anyone. I think Wales comes out firing, and the only way they will win is in 90 minutes. If the game goes into extra I think Portugal will once again be able to grind it out. For my prediction, I am going with Wales with the upset. They have looked way too dominant not to hop on the bandwagon for this game. To get this win Wales needs to score at least 2 goals, and they need to stop Ronaldo from getting chances. What a game we will see!


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