UEFA Euro 2016 Quarterfinals – Italy vs. Germany Preview and Betting Tips

Written by: Brandon Busuttil – Staff Writing Intern (@bbusuttil15)

Germany vs. Italy

Halfway through the quarter-finals and I think it is safe to say anything can happen. I knew Wales was playing some great soccer, but I really didn’t think it was going to be good enough for them to score 3 wopping goals against Belgium! Moving on…we have a similar matchup again here, except I think both teams are of higher skill level.

Germany comes into this game continuing to be one of the favorites to win the tournament. They have yet to lose a game, and have tied once, which was against Poland. The Germans seem to struggle a little bit against teams whom put up a defensive front, which is exactly what the Italians do. Bad news for Italy though, both De Rossi and Motta will not be playing due to injuries, this will leave the Italian midfield somewhat weaker. Germany could easily take advantage of this and this could prove to be a critical injury that hurts Italy in this match. The good news for Italy is that they are coming into this game with extremely high confidence and with the ability to think they can really go all the way. Should I mention Italy has Germany’s number when it comes to major tournaments like these? On paper this seems to be like a low scoring game, and one that will be extremely defensive minded, but I think opposite. I think with an Italian broken down midfield, and with a high confidence Italian side, I would not be surprised if we saw an upward of 5 goals in this match.

Although it seems like everything is pointing Italy’s way, I don’t think their road goes any further than the quarterfinals. The Germans seem to be on a mission and can’t be underestimated here. I am going with Germany on this matchup, and I am going to try and predict the score of 3-2.


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