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Daily Fantasy MLB Baseball: Weekend Warriors – Hot or Not Trends for the Weekend

Written by: Brandon Busuttil – Staff Writing Intern (@bbusuttil15)

A look into the hottest and coldest plays in the MLB going into the weekend.


Detroit Tigers

The Tigers go into the weekend hitting the stitches off the baseball. These guys flew a bit under the radar the past 2 days in DFS, but if you were to look at some of the free content on The Grandstand you would have known these guys were due for a lot of hits and a lot of runs. 2 players we really have to touch on is Victor Martinez and Cameron Maybin. Martinez is only hitting .300 for the week, but 11 RBI’s will get him considered to be a hot player. Oh did I forget to mention he also blasted 2 homeruns in last nights game alone? With the weekend series for them against Tampa Bay I can’t really see this streak slowing down for him. If anything it ends Sunday when Archer pitches, but even then Archer has shown he is not the pitcher he once was. Maybin was been a player not many expected to be hot, but man this guy is hitting .500 for the week going back to last weekend! This whole season he has been a reliable hitter, with a batting average of .369 and 22 RBI’s. But it is not homerun hitting that is getting him noticed. He actually only has 1 homerun for the year and none have come this past week. It is his ability to get on base, and don’t forget his ability to steal bases too.

Kris Bryant

It is scary because on any given night a Cub can heat up! It is even scarier when that Cub is Kris Bryant. This guy has been on an absolute tear hitting .379 this week with 11 RBI’s and just a casual 5 homeruns. 1 of which he hit last night. It will be interesting how the Cubs and Bryant fair against the pitching of the Mets who have pitched well, but can’t seem to hit well. If you are playing any sort of Cubs this week, I think it will be worth it paying up for Bryant.


Gregor Blanco

Yes, I do know Blanco went 2 for 5 last night, which is totally against the whole cold streak thing, but that does not mean he isn’t playing horrible baseball. For the week he has hit .133 especially when he had a series against Oakland. If you can barely get a hit against Oakland then you definitely are down on yourself. This guy may be a great GPP option for the weekend, as yesterdays performance may be able to start something for Blanco, but otherwise than that…fade, fade, fade!


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