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Daily Fantasy MLB Baseball: Pitching Preview – Friday, July 1st, 2016

Written by: Coleman Bahr – Staff Writing Intern (@ColemanBahr)

We have a thirteen game slate ahead of us tonight, and there are plenty of options to choose from. In this article, I’m going to preview the top cash, and tournament pitchers, along with a few pitchers I’m going to be targeting hitters against. With that being said, let’s get to it!

| Pitchers to Target in Cash Games

Johnny Cueto – DraftKings: $12,100, FanDuel: $10,700 – San Francisco Giants

Cueto hasn’t been this cheap on DraftKings since he pitched at Colorado, and tonight’s sharp decrease in price may also be due to the negative park shift in Chase Field, but it doesn’t worry me too much. Cueto has shown his ability to pitch well in hitters parks, throwing six innings, and only allowing one earned run in Coors back on May 29 th , and on May 12 th , he pitched at Chase Field, and recorded a stat line of seven innings, two runs, and, nine strikeouts. Cueto faces off against the Diamondbacks tonight who strikeout the fifth most against righties, and they have the second lowest strikeout to walk (K/BB) ratio. Simply put, the Diamondbacks are mediocre against righties, and Cueto is one of the best righties in the game right now. He’s in a great matchup tonight, and he should have plenty of success against this Diamondbacks squad tonight.

Nathan Eovaldi – DraftKings: $5,400, FanDuel: $7,900 – New York Yankees

Eovaldi is just way too cheap on DraftKings, and on FanDuel I can still roll with him at $7,900. He has the best matchup on the board tonight against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park. The Padres are currently projected to score the second least amount of runs tonight, and I agree with Vegas on this one. The Padres are the worst team against righties with the fourth highest strikeout rate, and the lowest weighted on base average (wOBA). Eovaldi hasn’t looked great in June, but he’s had a few tough matchups, and tonight offers a great chance for him to get back on track. His main problem has been the long ball, allowing 3.46 home runs per nine innings (HR/9) in the month of June, but Petco will be able to hold in some fly balls that may be home runs over at Yankee Stadium. Eovaldi is a great cheap play today, and he should allow you to get whatever bats you want.

| Pitchers to Target in Tournaments

Steven Wrigh t- DraftKings: $10,100, FanDuel: $9,400 – Boston Red Sox

Wight finally had a bad game last time out. He allowed eight runs, but only three were earned, and he couldn’t make it out of the fourth. The main reason for his struggles was the knuckleball. He was struggling to get the ball over the plate, and he had to resort to his fastball and curveball much more than he usually does. In an average start he’ll throw the knuckleball about 75% of the time, but in his last start he only threw the knuckleball 57% of the time. The knuckleball is the most volatile pitch in the game, and it can be really hard to control at times, but when you can control it, it’s one of the best pitches out there. If Wright can get his control down today, he can definitely have some success against the Angels. The Angels hitters really struggled with the knuckleball, only Yunel Escobar and Mike Trout have had some success against it, and the Angels have been a mediocre offense all season long anyways. Wright is always fairly low owned, and I always love to have some exposure to Wright in tournaments as he’s shown some fantastic upside when the knuckleball is moving.

Michael Fulmer – DraftKings: $10,900, FanDuel: $8,400 – Detroit Tigers

Over on FanDuel, Fulmer’s price is just absurd, and he usable in any format on that site, but on DraftKings he’s a tournament play for me to due to his price. Nonetheless, he’s been on a roll lately. He hasn’t allowed more than one run in a start since May 15 th , and he gets a nice matchup against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays have the second highest strikeout rate against righties in the league, along with the seventh worst wOBA. Fulmer already shut the Rays down this season, throwing 7 innings, and striking out eleven, while only allowing one run. He hasn’t pitched since June 22 nd , so he should be fresh and ready to shut down this Rays team once again.

| Pitchers to Target Hitters Against

Jhoulys Chacin – Los Angeles Angels

Chacin faces off against the Red Sox, in Fenway, with a 14 mph wind blowing out to left field. There’s not much working in Chacin’s favor , and Vegas has the Red Sox projected for six runs, a whole run over anyone else on the slate. He has averaged negative fantasy points on both sites his last two starts, and tonight’s matchup doesn’t look like a good spot for him to get back on track. He has struggled all of June with an 8.59 earned run average, a .428 wOBA allowed, and a strikeout rate that is significantly lower than his walk rate. The Red Sox are set to feast tonight, and I am looking to the heart of this order for my stacks tonight.

Shelby Miller- Arizona Diamondbacks

Shelby Miller is one of the worst starting pitchers against lefties this season, and the Giants tend to have a lineup jam packed with lefties every night. Miller has walked more lefties than he has struck out this season, and he’s pitching at Chase Field, which is never easy for pitchers. Lefties have a hard contact percentage close to 40% against him this season, and I don’t see Miller lasting very long in this one. A Giants stack is going to be fairly expensive on both sites tonight, but don’t let the price scare you off of them, they have a great matchup in a great ballpark, and they should pay off their prices tonight.

That’s all I have for today, thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @ColemanBahr, good luck today!


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